Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Wacky Wednesday

When I was a kid I always thought the term "hump day" for Wednesday was wacky!! Until I was probably 15 I thought it had something to do with sex:):):) and I could never quite figure out what sex and Wednesday had in common. Now that I'm a working girl I can't wait for hump day as it really means it's halfway to the weekend.

Without further ado - THE WINNER of the adorable polka dot pouch is LESLIE!! Congratulations! (Please email me at raeshadrz at yahoo dot com with your snail mail)

And here are my two fun giveaways for today...you all know my obsession with making tissue holders so I'm going to give away two!

I call these my big bertha tissue holders as the fabric is covered with big, beautiful, buxomy (is that a word?) women. Leave a comment if you would like one and I'll announce the winners on Thursday evening:)


Stephanie Lynn said...

Happy Belated Birthday Raesha! I already have one of your tissue holders, so I don't need to enter this drawing. Just wanted to say I've enjoyed reading about your b-day week and glad you had a good one.

rohanknitter said...

And the fun goes on!

Danielle said...

Sheesh, you keep pulling goodies out!

Vallen said...

Being rather Bertha-like myself I think I will opt in on the fun.

Fiona said...

What fun fabric. Very envious of these ladies !!!!

Dana said...

Those are great! Those little ones, are hard to get the tissues out of :)
Thanks so much for letting us in on all the fun!


est said...
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est said...

sorry for the error!
just discovered yr blog! would be another daily read to me!! :)