Sunday, April 29, 2007

Only two more days....

to sign up for my Tag Swap!! We have 15 players (well 16 including me:) so far so this is going to be a great swap and we even have two sweet ladies from Australia participating!! Remember you only need to make 10 tags so it's not too huge of a committment - so if you're lurking and haven't decided yet, please join us:):) Click here for all the details. After signups close on May 1, I will send an email out to the whole group with my address. Thanks so much!!!

Spring Fling Swap Goodness!!!

I was so excited to be paired with one of the swap coordinators for this swap:) Sweet Miss Lucy - and man did she spoil me!!! The theme was green and pink....two of my FAVORITE colors

Lucy decorated this cool clipboard for me! A fun notepad and notebook, linen sachet, and napkins.

Another goodies made by her - an awesome decorated "R" - I think I'm going to hang it next to my sewing machine. A decorated basket with polka dot fabric and embroidery floss, the cutest little teapot I have ever seen, a kitchen candle, candy...

Pink sprinkles, gorgeous buttons, paper, stickers and the little green tin is full of ribbon, trims and little ribbon flowers. She also included some candy for Miss S - thank you for thinking of her!!! This was such a fun swap and I was thrilled to be a part of it:)

Here's what I sent Lucy....

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Tag Me Baby!

The awesome k8tykat tagged me here goes:): )

Go to Google and type in "raesha needs" then just copy the silliest lines and respond:):) Of course, if you do it, replace "Raesha" with your first name:):)

Well wouldn't you know that there were NO hits for "Raesha needs"
So I did a search for "Rae needs" since that's about the closest thing to my name that I could find a hit on:)

1. Rae NEEDS green hair. Raesha responds: OH NO!!! Hubby remarked that he really could see my grey yesterday, but I don't think he meant I should dye my hair green! I'm thinking maybe red:)
2. RAE needs to be seen in a long term perspective about the funding of research.
Raesha responds: I don't know how I'd like being seen in a perspective
3. Three Words Rae Needs to Say. "
Canada's National Interest" Raesha responds: I can truthfully say I have NEVER said those words, but I will do my best to say them tomorrow.
4. Rae needs no introduction to professional trainers. Raesha responds: Hmmm....not sure what to say about that one:)
5. Rae needs stuff for her wall! Raesha responds: Most definitely! Especially when it's stuff made by all your sweet lovely ladies!
6. You wouldn't think Rae needs a boost in that area. Raesha responds: Let's just say I DID have a breast reduction, so I CERTAINLY did not need a boost in THAT area:)
7. What Rae needs is good home cooking, sponge baths and a session with the blues. Raesha responds: I can definitely go for some home cooking, and how about a sponge bath by David Duchovny...I can't think of any blues singers right this minute though, probably because I'm so distracted thinking about that sponge bath:):)

So there you have it:)

I tag:
Mary Ann
Mary Ann

And whoever else would like to participate!
Leave a comment if you do so we can go check out your post too:)

Monday, April 23, 2007

Thank yous!!!

First, a cute shot from our zoo trip today. There were so many parents there (VERY cool) that we only had to be in charge of Miss S and only one of her classmates. Here's the two sweetie pies posing on the momma lion. We had a great time. The weather was nice - not too sunny, and not too hot with a nice breeze. The animals were really active too which was cool.

Now on to the thank yous. Almost nothing makes me happier than good mail:) Here's a few of the things that came this week. I try to stagger my swaps, but three arrived this week alone:)

This fabulous box is from Jodi and is for the Flick Seasonal Swap group I belong to. The theme was flowers and just look at all this beautiful floral goodness.

This little packet of goodies arrived from Em a while ago and I have been remiss at posting a thank you to her:) :) Some lovely beads, papers, envelopes and ATC card backs and other atc goodies. Thank you sweet em!!

My First Aid Kit Swap arrived from brand new swapper - Liz. Everything was beautifully wrapped and I love everything! Her theme was kind of a get well, feel good first aid kit:):) I love it:) Can you believe this was her very first swap?

She made a little first aid kit - with a felted cross on the front - and the inside was stuffed full of all sorts of goodies - these are the middle pages - the front page had bandaids and the last page had a little sewing kit. SO cute! It's going to work with me to live in my desk:)

Lastly, here's the inside of my 5 Senses Swap package that I teased you with a day or two ago. There was also an adorable stuffed bird that chirped (sound) that Miss S took off with as soon as I opened it. The rest is - scented soap (scent), lovely yarn (touch), boxed chocolates (taste), an amazing wired bird next with a delicate egg and feathers (sight). This is also going to work with me so I can look at it all day:) On the top of my work bookcase I have a lot of the little arts and crafts so many of you have made for me to keep me company:):) and to remember that I am loved when my boss makes my days really horrible.

My Cuppa Tea Party + Swap

I participated in the "My Cuppa Tea Party + Swap" hosted by THIS fabulous woman. April 20th was T-day....but I had to celebrate a day late on April 21st. I could not find any real life peeps to participate with me so these adorable peeps had tea with me:)

They were the perfect, charming peeps for my tea....they didn't mind that I only talked about myself, or bat an eye that I dumped almost 1/2 cup of sugar in my tea:) The sweet Chickadee also joines us- she was made for me by my partner in the "swap" portion of the tea party - the fabulous Jennifer Conway from Canada. She was also as charming as could be. I tried one of the teas Jennifer sent - Tazo Wild Sweet Orange and BOY was it delicious! It was made all the more delicious by the little tea cup and saucer I bought specially for the tea party. It's a Homer Laughlin pattern and was thrifted for only $1.98. I wish I had time to have a little tea party like this everyday.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

A Swapping We Will Go

Okay friends – I have finally decided to go for it and host my first official swap with my blog buddies.

I have been a lover of papercrafts for about 20 years…cards, scrapbooks, tags – you name it, I love it. SO for this swap I want to celebrate my love for TAGS.

Here are the details:

Make/decorate 10 tags and get 10 different ones back (I'm hoping we have at least 10 players:)).

Minimum size of your tag should be 2 inches by 4 inches. You can make them larger if you want, but please no smaller than that.

You can purchase tags to decorate or make your own. As for me, I’m partial to the office supply shipping tags like this one pictured here.

Sign ups will close on May 1, 2007.

Deadline for the tags to be mailed to me is May 18, 2007 (Mt. St. Helen’s day to us native pacific north westerners). I hope to have all tags swapped and back to you by June 1, 2007.

Please include a return address label and 3 first class stamps (be sure to send the new rate USPS stamps if you are in the US) for return postage.

If you can think of a detail I’ve left out, PLEASE let me know. I want this to be a fun swap, and of course, all participants will receive a little extra something for participating.

In the next few days I’ll try to post links to various decorated tags for inspiration.

Email me at raeshadrz at yahoo dot com to sign up and for my address.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Makes Me Smile

My sweet friend Vallen had a lovely post today about things that make her I thought I'd copy her:):) I hope she doesn't mind:)
It has been a nice week - other than Monday - my heart and prayers go out to everyone at Virginia Tech. My week was nice mostly because my boss has been out of town all week so everyone's not on pins and needles at work. Secondly, because we have a new paralegal at work that is outrageously gay and he has added quite a bit of spice to work this week:) He really makes me laugh, which I haven't been doing much of at work lately.

SO here today are a few things that make me smile: (in no particular order)

1. My brother:) He just reenlisted for another four years and his tour in Iraq has been extended 90 days so he won't be coming home until November. I am so proud of him and his service to our country. I'm just sorry this picture is so pixilated (I have no idea if I spelled that right)

2. Yummy swap 5 Senses Swap arrived from Brenda in OR - it was wrapped so lovely! I'm going to take pictures of all the goodies tomorrow when I have good light. My First Aid Kit Swap also arrived:):) It was EQUALLY delicious! I was truly spoiled this week with good mail. I hope to post pictures tomorrow of everything I received in both swaps.

3. Ice cold Dr. Pepper

4. New crafting supplies (I just ordered a whole bunch today from Oriental Trading Company's most recent scrapbooking catalog)

5. My Mary Jane crocs. I bought these last month when my Beaner was visiting from WA and I think I have neglected to show them off:) I can't wait to get another pair:):)

6. A three day weekend - Hubby and I took Monday off to go to the zoo with Miss S and her kindergarten class

7. This show - I kid you not, my dear friend from college, John, is the spitting image of Dwight and acts just like him too (well not really but more often than not)

So let's hear it...what it making you smile these days?

Monday, April 16, 2007

Sending Goodwill to Mozambique

Please join us
Kelli is awesome and is organizing this wonderful project. Please email either of us for more information or for Kelli's address to send the bags too.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Lazy Sunday Part 2

And here's my second scrappy log cabin block. I used only scraps that had red or pink in them and it gives it a completely different look. I'll probably rotate making the complete random ones and the planned ones. I'm hoping to make these into pincushions (each finished square is about 6 inches square)

And Mary Ann!!! Spoiler alert (read no further if you want to be surprised:))

I finally finished her fabric challenge projects and these really were a challenge. I had NO idea what I wanted to do with this fabric - it's a white stretchy type fabric with really faded flowers on it. I added the stripes of the floral fabric and ended up making a wall hanging organizer (each white trimmed pocket is divided into three sections), a little pillow and a pouch. I really like how the organizer turned out. I used bias tape to edge it all to add a little color to it. So Mary Ann, I hope to get this in the mail to you this week:)

Lazy Sunday

Well, not so much lazy, as "we're just sticking around the house today" Sunday. All three dogs got a bath, Miss S is watching Spy Kids II and I'm sewing:) My favorite way to spend Sunday after we get home from church.
Here's what I've finished so far:

My very first Scrappy Log Cabin Block for this group on Flickr. Please excuse the stained patio chair, but the light was perfect outside:) I literally randomly picked each piece from my scrap pile to see what I would come up with. It's very funky. For the next one I'll plan it a little more to see which style I like better.

I am ALMOST done with Mary Ann's fabric challenge goodies so I hope to have photos of those projects before the day is over. So until then, I hope you are having a lazy Sunday as well!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I love k8tykat

k8tykat is one of the beautiful friends I have made since I started blogging. We were partners in a vintage bird swap from here several months ago and I have loved her ever since:) She is a fabulous crafter and I just love everything she does:) A little while ago I won a handmade pendant from her and just look at what she made me! (I hate that the picture is so blurry, but I just could not get a better shot) A beautiful picture of Miss S wearing the dress I made her, and the back features a Beatles quote. She even made Miss S her own little "s" charm. Thank you so much for such a beautiful, thoughtful gift. I will cherish it always.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter!!!

We had a lovely, lovely day...and I hope you did too:) Here's Miss S and I all dolled up and ready to head off to church.

We watched Eragon this afternoon (a treat for hubby from the Easter bunny) and it was excellent - I highly recommend it. I crocheted (started AND finished) a scarf during the movie for a Christmas gift for and I think I am finally going to join the Christmas in Progress group:):)

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Inspiration and Easter Egg Hunts

I was up until about 1 am last night and had a fabulous time being creative:) It started with this atc....(I made 9 of these)

I loved the design so much that it inspired this tag...I made 5 of these)

then the tag inspired this collage....(I made two of these)

I wanted to do more but I could barely keep my eyes open. I am really quite happy with how all three turned out:) And I have finally decided on a swap that I would like to on the lookout this week as I fine tune the details:)

I took Miss S to an Easter egg hunt at a neighborhood down the road today - imagine our surprise when we opened the garage door and it was SNOWING!!! I couldn't believe it. We normally have crappy weather for Easter, but we haven't had snow at Easter for years and years. Here's Miss S and her two little pals, Hannah and Noah, all ready for the hunt. It was a zoo (all the city ones are) and each of them only got one egg. My friend was clever enough to bring a few eggs filled with candy for each of them. Tomorrow we will our own little egg hunt with Miss S, Hannah and Noah, and their cousin. We have 80 eggs stuffed and ready to go so each of them will get 20 eggs:)

Miss S is such a poser...and yes, she dressed herself. I really don't mind having a Punky Brewster child as I'm usually entertained by the combinations that she chooses. She has on wedge sandals:)

Friday, April 06, 2007

What's Cookin! For Miss S

Miss S's package arrived yesterday from her apron swap partner....her eyes got as big as saucers when I told her the box was for her. OH it just started absoutely POURING outside:) Anyway - just look at this beautiful apron and awesome goodies Amy and Phi sent...

Princess stickers, sidewalk chalk, peeps (I might have to sneak some of those when Miss S is not watching:)

And a beautiful smock apron and softie. Aren't these awesome! Amy said this was her first softie and she did an awesome job. A huge thanks to Amy and Phi for making this an awesome swap!!! Don't you just love Miss S's neon pink toes!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

What's Cookin! Apron Swap

My partner for this fun swap received her package so I can finally post pictures!!! These are the goodies that I sent her. This theme was a "mini" swap for our minis:) The purple and pink apron is perfect for a sweet girl just Miss S's size. And for Mary I made the yellow apron out of a Martha Stewart kitchen towel. Stay tunes for the next What's Cookin swap - coming soon I hope!!!

I've signed up for several more swaps in the month to come and I'm looking forward to each and every one of them!!

Also - I've finally added lots of links to my sidebar...I realized last night that some of my nearest and dearest friends were not featured! I you notice that I have your link wrong, please let me know. Have a great Wednesday!!!

Happy Happy Birthday!

It is this sweet lady's birthday today!!! Hop on over and wish her many happy returns!!
Love you Em and hope your day is wonderful!!!

Monday, April 02, 2007

Stars and Stripes Forever

Miss S's kindergarten class stamped this flag with their cute little hands as their entry for the schools Arts and Auction night. It is so precious!! I added the borders and binding and did just a tad bit of quilting on it. It really didn't need any at all - it's just about the width of the top of my queen size bed and it is going to make a gorgeous wall hanging. The kids made it in honor of Uncle Ian and all others serving or that have served in our military. I hope it raises a gazillion dollars for the school. Uncle Ian is sending a picture of him in uniform standing next to a flag to display with the quilt.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Happy Sunday!!

Miss Mary Ann surprised me with this lovely packet of fat quarters this week. The colors are so bright and spring-y...I can't wait to use them.

I made these litte pages yesterday for a "color" themed chunky book swap I am participating in. I really like how they turned out...and you all know that green is one of my favorite colors:)

And look what I made with one of the fat quarters from Mary Ann. Miss S was invited, very last minute, to a birthday party (the mailed invitations went missing so her mom started wondering what was up when two days before the party no one had rsvp'd!!) so I whipped up this little marker holder. It was the first one I made so I know what to change next time. But the recipient loved it and that's all that matters:) I love that when this book is filled up you can move the marker holder to a new book:)

And lastly, I bought this little charm from one of the members of my local ATC group. I love it - it's a little scrabble charm. I added a chain to it and have worn it several times this week.
Check out what sweet Moki did with a charm I made her - it originally had a chain like the one you see here. AND welcome back to Moki...she started a new craft blog that is destined for greatness!!!

On the schedule today....make 4 little stuffed bunnies for Easter presents (and possibly more if they go together quickly). I'm using this fantastic tutorial from Missy - I'll make the pillow too probably for Miss S. Finish up a wall hanging quilt I am quilting for Miss S's Kindergarten class, laundry, vacuum, AND pedicures:) My friend's sister is coming over to the house to give me and Miss S pedicures in about 1/2 hour:) What's on your plate today?