Sunday, October 25, 2009

Trunk or Treat Baby!

Last night was our annual Trunk or Treat at church - and we had an awesome time!! I'm always amazed at Moki and her family's costumes....I snagged the Queen of Hearts for a quick picture.

My brother and his family came too....

my darling niece...

My beautiful Miss S....

handsome nephew.....

And totally scary nephew....

My sis in law Karissa is uber talented when it comes to hair, makeup and costumes:)

Saturday, October 24, 2009

BOO Part 2!!!

SO while I watched NCIS and CSI: New York last night I made more of the BOO atcs so that I could give each of you that commented one!! YOOHOO!!! Please email me your address at raeshadrz at yahoo dot com so I can get these in the mail to you so you have them before Halloween!! Congratulations ladies:
Blogger Melissa said...

Too cute! I NEED that! melissablair730@yahoo.comDelete

Blogger PamJorg said...

Raesha DRZ - you are THE most talented crafter I know!Delete

Blogger Ryalin said...

OMG, I poster number 3. :(Delete

Blogger rohanknitter said...

oh RATS, number 4. Oh well, I still smile every time I look at my Neil Diamond notebook! ; ps. your quilt is gorgeous!Delete

Anonymous Bonnie said...

Too cute!!!
And it's ok I'm #5, cuz I have some "sweet baby rae" originals!!!

Friday, October 23, 2009

New Friends

I have a sweet new friend that was my partner in the Pink & Aqua swap that I recently participated in - Miss Peas Porridge and she is having an awesome giveaway!!! She's a fairly new blogger too so hop on over there and give her some love!!!

PEAS PORRIGE BEST FALL GIVEAWAY! Follow meeeeeeeeeeeee......

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Paper Crafting

Let's see....I love to sew, quilt, knit, crochet, and a myriad of other crafts but I always seem to end up back at my first love - paper crafts:) I guess it's cause they are quick and easy, don't require a ton of large equipment and I can happily make cards and tags and atcs while I am watching my weekly doses of NCIS (both) and CSI (all three) on the computer:)

Here's a sampling of what I made last week - hand cut flower cards, and various stamped gift tags. Now I think it's about time to start cranking out some Thanksgiving and Christmas themed cards and tags:)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Hubby requested pizza for dinner and I happily obliged....we like to make our own pizza in our little household and tonight's toppings were Italian sausage, black olives and green chile.

Here's what you get when you throw together those toppings, pizza crust mix, spaghetti sauce and shredded mozzarella. A big old delicious pile of yummy cheesy goodness. Way better than frozen pizza or takeout, well except for Dion's, which has the best pizza in the entire world:) And yes I'm biased cause I worked for them on and off for about three years in high school and college:)

Haunted ATCs

This is the ATC I made for Amy's annual Halloween swap - I love how they turned out!!! layers of ribbon and letters on old book pages. lots of yummy staples. I framed an extra one to put out with my Halloween decorations but I have TWO MORE LEFT! SO the first two people to comment that they would like one will get one! Be sure to leave your email in your comment just in case I need it:) GOOD LUCK!!! I wish I could make tons more and give them away to everyone!!

Monday, October 19, 2009


I finally uncovered my sewing machine from the pile of crap it was hiding under and I made progress on some projects that were just dying to be finished!!

First up - I sewed the binding on this quilt that was started for my BPA Tammy - I started it about 5 years ago, sent her a pic of it for her birthday three years ago and now it's finally finished and in the mail to her in Washington just two months shy of her next birthday:) This is the first quilt I sent out to be machine quilted and I love love love how it turned out. It's a little bigger than a twin and I hope she loves it:)

A closeup of the quilting - just some nice stippling ...

And we are continuing on in making Miss S's bedroom a nice little Twlight hideaway. Her old Bratz and Disney pillows needed some new covers to fit in with the new theme:) We used this awesome red silk and a black silk - two of each. They look great on her bed!! And she doesn't know that I am making her a red, black and white quilt for her bed for Christmas this year:)


Monday, October 12, 2009

On My Bedside Table

One of the most well written books I've read in a long time. I can't get enough of books about World War II and the Holocaust. I've often thought if I ever go back to school of getting a degree in history, with an emphasis on WWI and WWII. I'm about half way through this book and it is so beautifully written with many, many first hand quotes and remembrances.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Who's the Fairest in the Land?

Snow White, of course:) I'm so excited to see this on BluRay and all digitally remastered and all:) And I just found a smoking deal too that I wanted to share with you all:)

Snow White

Amazon The 2 disc combo pack is priced at $19.99 and you can get $10.00 off instantly by using code snowhite (just 1 w). The shipping is free if you add another $5.01 to your cart because the full $19.99 will count towards getting free shipping.

I just ordered it, and a Wil Wheaton book I've been wanting forever and my grand total was $20.01 with free shipping! Holy cripes that's a good deal! So where did I find this great deal? At one of my favorite blogs - beingfrugalisfabulous

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Pumpkins Pumpkins Pumpkins

I took the day off on Friday to hang out with Miss S - the kids were out of school - and we made our annual trek to the McCall's Pumpkin Patch with a group from church and my brother and his family. We had a great time! It was windier than crap, but nice and sunny and the wind eventually died down.

My sis in law, niece and Miss S

The little girl that was supposed to be the ram threw a fit and wouldn't put her face through the hole. I love that you can see her little arms crossed in front of her with complete indignation:)

Pumpkin time!!!

See that little cutie on the left? His name is Chandler and I love to call him Chanandler Bong.