Monday, February 25, 2008

Same Old Song and Dance

Once again, life is crazy and I seem to barely be keeping my head above water. This week we have Cub Scouts Blue and Gold Banquet, parent teacher conference and Miss S's ballet recital. All good things...but this mama is worn out. Only 10 more days until Miss S and I get to go visit family for a long weekend for my niece's baptism. We are taking the train and I am SO excited for a new adventure and for a nice 5 day break from work. Plus the week we get back, the office is closed on Friday so that means I get most of a day to myself as both Hubby and Miss S will be at school all day! YEAH!!! We've never been on a train before and I am really looking forward to it. Miss S was asking today what kind of food I think they'll have in the dining car.

I managed to do a little sewing this weekend, and finish up a few lingering swaps...sadly this is one of the only ones I remembered to take a picture of!! This is for my Bag Ladies flickr group swap - this month's theme was reusable shopping bags. I used Creative Kismet's fabulous tutorial and I love how they turned out. I can definitely see myself making more of these in the future! These two are heading to Denmark.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Lovely Weekend

I was so excited to be a winner too in the OWOH giveaway! I won this beautiful necklace from Jan - it arrived on Friday and I wore it to church today. Isn't it cool? And the colors are so perfect - they match almost my entire wardrobe:)

Here's what was on the to-do list for this weekend:
-work on swaps
-make birthday cards
-plan some meals for this week
-work on activy for Cub Scouts this week
-clean my desk
-work on taxes

Here's what got done on the to-do list:
-3 loads of laundry.

Instead I spent the weekend hanging out with these two handsome lads. Two of my awesome brothers. Chad and Shay. Chad came for a quick weekend visit from California and it was so cool to be able to hang out with him. He's the youngest in the family and definitely the clown of the family. He's an aspiring actor and I'm hoping he moves to LA soon to really try to get something going. Shay lives here and I usually see him every other week or so, but it was awesome to hang out for almost two full days with him. He's an actor too, and a marvelous singer, but hasn't done much of either since his family moved to NM. Shay even tried out for American Idol a few years ago. I love to listen to him sing.

Miss S and Uncle Chad. She barely let him out of her sight the whole weekend.

One-half of Ray and Marsha's kids - Chad, Raesha and Shay.

Hubby has the flu, which sucks. Really bad. He is not a good patient and I am not a good nurse maid. He'll probably spend all of tomorrow in bed while I work all day. Yep, the law office is not closed tomorrow:( I probably won't be posting at all the rest of the week. It's another busy one and I'll be spending my evenings working on chores that did not get done this weekend.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

ON E World ONE Heart Winner!!

Ladies and gentlemen we have a winner!!! Pamela at!!!
Congratulations Pamela!!
What a great giveaway - I had 98 comments on my humble little heart and that just makes me smile! Ye olde random number generator chose #51 and that was Pamela!

Sunday, February 10, 2008


Have I mentioned Hair is my all time favorite musical? It ranks right up there with Jesus Christ Superstar - songs that make me happy to be alive and that I want to sing at the top of my lungs. Give me down to there hair, shoulder length or boys are delicious....white boys are so groovy.....LBJ took the IRT down to 4th street USA....when the moon is in the seventh house and Jupiter alines with Mars, then peace will guide the planet and LOVE will stir the stars....
I've been running those songs over and over in my head for the last few days. Who knows why. I haven't listened to the soundtrack in ages...maybe this is a sign to dig it out.

I am so excited about my One World One Heart Giveaway that I made 6 more of those little hearts as Valentine's treats for loved ones.

Ryalin look's the real reason the title of this post is Hair - I had my SIL do my har again after church today:) This is the exact look I have been going for - a short little bob with blonde and red highlights. I am in love with it. Don't my eyes look awesome blue in this picture? That always happens when I wear a blue shirt:)

This week has been a blur - I'm so busy that I can't stand it. Hardly any time for crafting or blogging and I hate it! I keep trying to come up with things I can eliminate from my life but I don't think Hubby will let me give up cleaning the house or cooking. I played poker last night with a few girlfriends and that helped me unwind a little bit.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Winners are in the house!

Without further ado, the winners of my 3 - 300th post giveaways are:

and Danielle

Congratulations ladies!!! Could you all please email me your addresses to raeshadrz at yahoo dot com
I know I probably have them somewhere...but there's a reason why "organizing" is on my goal list again this year:)

ONE World - ONE Heart Event

I am totally in giveaway mode this month:) I'll be choosing the winners of my 3 - 300th post giveaways shortly. But for now....I just joined this giveaway too!! (click on the link to see all the other bloggers participating as well) Leave a comment to enter, and be sure to leave your e-mail address as well so that I can contact you if you win. I will announce the winner on February 14th.

Here's the sweet little heart that is my giveaway - it's a shabby chic, patchwork, quilted little heart I made.

Good luck!!!