Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Carlsbad Caverns

June has been insane!It's been filled with lots of mini trips and experiences and adventures that I can't wait to share.

Our first adventure was with Miss S's girl scout troop to Carlsbad Caverns. I wasn't supposed to go but we had an emergency with the other leader so at the last minute I got to tag along - I was thrilled as I'd never been to the caverns before. Located about 6 hours southeast of Albuquerque, Carlsbad Caverns is freaking amazing! It felt like we were in an ice cave or on the moon when we down in the actual caverns. To get down there is was about a mile and a half hike down 900 feet into the earth - totally surreal.

We also got to see the Bat Flight program - from May to October millions of bats roost in the caves and each evening they exit the caves to hunt for the night. No pictures are allowed so we got to just sit and enjoy a little program and then sit very quietly for about half an hour as the bats flew out of the cave. These beautiful little babies leaving the caves to hunt - sometimes up to a 30 miles radius from the cave.

The girls and the leaders all had a great time.If you are ever in that area I would definitely recommend visiting the caverns - it is a national park so admission is very reasonable and they also have a junior ranger program for the kids.