Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Thrifty Tuesday

Thifty Chic

Fitting along with my one little word for 2012 (REDUCE) - I promised myself to buy more stuff second hand. It's cheaper, it's better on the earth and it's great to be unique and not look like everyone else in town. While this outfit is not all that unique - it's a perfect work outfit. I'm lucky to be able to dress business casual almost every day in the office and to have casual Fridays. This picture is h.o.r.r.i.b.l.e. but you get it - I need to give Miss S a little photography 101 class. I'm wearing a combination of pieces from Savers and Goodwill - I bet I paid no more than $20 for this entire outfit.

Here's a little breakdown -
Sweater - Merona (Target) - retail about $14.99 - I paid $1.99
Shirt - Sonoma (Kohl's) - retail about $15.99 - I paid $3.99
Pants - Worthington (JC Penney's) - retail about $29.99 - I paid $3.00 (half price day!) (these are actually a brown heatherish color)
Shoes - b.o.c. (Born) - retail about $59.99 - I paid $7.99
Necklace - Merona (Target) - retail about $12.99 - I paid $1.99

I love being casual, chic, cute and cost conscious:)

Monday, January 16, 2012

Growing Up

Miss S and her cousin have had so much fun this weekend playing together. They try so hard to be grown up and ready for makeup, boys, Facebook, middle school....and then I come across this in a corner of my niece's bedroom and it reminds me that these sweet girls are only eleven and should be in no hurry to grow up. Their days should be occupied with jump rope, hop scotch, bike rides and making sure their baby dolls are tucked in soundly for bed each night. So tonight when I tuck Miss S in to bed I will reminder her to stay little a little while longer.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Perfect End

A perfect end to a perfect day. Slept in late, went to the Alamo, walked the Riverwalk, worked on a 1000 puzzle, now dinner and dessert with my sista and her hubby. Molten lava cake all to myself. Yum!!!!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Favorite Gift

My friend's mother-in-law is a fabulous quilter. In fact I've sent her several quilts to quilt after I've pieced them. One day I'll have my own long arm quilting machine but until them I'm happy to use Emily's talents. For Christmas my friend surprised us with this beautiful quilt and pillow cases Emily made. Isn't it gorgeous??

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Happy New Year!!!!

Happy happy New Year! I am so excited for 2012....it's going to be an awesome year!!!!

My word for this year is REDUCE....I LOVE the concept of Ali Edwards One Little Word so I'm continuing with that concept as my yearly resolution for probably the 5th or 6th year in a row. As I thought about my word for this year and what I wanted to accomplish the word REDUCE came to mind. It was a lightening bolt moment too - such a perfect word for what I wanted to do. So perfect that it actually made me a little misty eyed. Goofy, huh????

Some things I want to REDUCE this year:

1. My weight

2. My obligations

3. My time away from home and my family

4. My clutter

5. My unfinished projects

6. My bills

7. My impact on the earth

REDUCE will be my main focus for this year and probably for next year too - it's a lofty aspiration that I feel will take more than one year to master.

Tell me - what are your resolutions for this year?