Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Thrifty Tuesday

Thifty Chic

Fitting along with my one little word for 2012 (REDUCE) - I promised myself to buy more stuff second hand. It's cheaper, it's better on the earth and it's great to be unique and not look like everyone else in town. While this outfit is not all that unique - it's a perfect work outfit. I'm lucky to be able to dress business casual almost every day in the office and to have casual Fridays. This picture is h.o.r.r.i.b.l.e. but you get it - I need to give Miss S a little photography 101 class. I'm wearing a combination of pieces from Savers and Goodwill - I bet I paid no more than $20 for this entire outfit.

Here's a little breakdown -
Sweater - Merona (Target) - retail about $14.99 - I paid $1.99
Shirt - Sonoma (Kohl's) - retail about $15.99 - I paid $3.99
Pants - Worthington (JC Penney's) - retail about $29.99 - I paid $3.00 (half price day!) (these are actually a brown heatherish color)
Shoes - b.o.c. (Born) - retail about $59.99 - I paid $7.99
Necklace - Merona (Target) - retail about $12.99 - I paid $1.99

I love being casual, chic, cute and cost conscious:)


Ray and Jan said...


You are rockin' that outfit!!! You look GREAT! You are going to have to taken me shopping someday and help me put some outfits together.

Love you!


Ryalin said...

I think Syd did just fine. This pic makes you look super skinny!!!!

LJ said...

You are super cute!! My word verification thinks you're hotysou!! Get it HOT!!

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