Sunday, February 17, 2008

Lovely Weekend

I was so excited to be a winner too in the OWOH giveaway! I won this beautiful necklace from Jan - it arrived on Friday and I wore it to church today. Isn't it cool? And the colors are so perfect - they match almost my entire wardrobe:)

Here's what was on the to-do list for this weekend:
-work on swaps
-make birthday cards
-plan some meals for this week
-work on activy for Cub Scouts this week
-clean my desk
-work on taxes

Here's what got done on the to-do list:
-3 loads of laundry.

Instead I spent the weekend hanging out with these two handsome lads. Two of my awesome brothers. Chad and Shay. Chad came for a quick weekend visit from California and it was so cool to be able to hang out with him. He's the youngest in the family and definitely the clown of the family. He's an aspiring actor and I'm hoping he moves to LA soon to really try to get something going. Shay lives here and I usually see him every other week or so, but it was awesome to hang out for almost two full days with him. He's an actor too, and a marvelous singer, but hasn't done much of either since his family moved to NM. Shay even tried out for American Idol a few years ago. I love to listen to him sing.

Miss S and Uncle Chad. She barely let him out of her sight the whole weekend.

One-half of Ray and Marsha's kids - Chad, Raesha and Shay.

Hubby has the flu, which sucks. Really bad. He is not a good patient and I am not a good nurse maid. He'll probably spend all of tomorrow in bed while I work all day. Yep, the law office is not closed tomorrow:( I probably won't be posting at all the rest of the week. It's another busy one and I'll be spending my evenings working on chores that did not get done this weekend.


Lucy said...

Congrats on winning your necklace-it's gorgeous, love the color. Good to see you have a nice weekend with your brothers--the chores will be there, spending precious time with your love ones is what matters in the big picture :)

LauraJ said...

That is a beautiful necklace! You're parents have good genes! :D What an adorable family!

LauraJ said...

ps~I got something in the mail from you the other day...well the other other day like 18 days ago maybe? lol I wanted to let you know it was very sweet of you and thank you very much!

Ryalin said...

I am so jealous! But you've had lots of years with no family close so I guess it's your turn. :)

happy zombie said...

I love the photo of you and your brothers... it just oozes with love and joy! And your necklace win... how pretty!

Had to laugh at your todo-gotdone list. It's almost carbon copy to mine. Though... you're one load up on me. :o)

Monkey Pants said...

Cute brothers! Nice necklace!
Thanks for letting me know about the cleaning schedule. Let them know I'll try my best to be there but not to hold their breath! That is too funny!!

I AM VERY MARY said...

I love Miss S with her big ol' uncle - so cutie!

It's All Good! said...

Very pretty necklace! That's great that you won. Funny you live off Coors...small world! I will probably post some of my recipes soon. I'm almost done, tomorrow only have a couple more dishes to make. Yea! Have a nice evening.