Monday, April 23, 2007

My Cuppa Tea Party + Swap

I participated in the "My Cuppa Tea Party + Swap" hosted by THIS fabulous woman. April 20th was T-day....but I had to celebrate a day late on April 21st. I could not find any real life peeps to participate with me so these adorable peeps had tea with me:)

They were the perfect, charming peeps for my tea....they didn't mind that I only talked about myself, or bat an eye that I dumped almost 1/2 cup of sugar in my tea:) The sweet Chickadee also joines us- she was made for me by my partner in the "swap" portion of the tea party - the fabulous Jennifer Conway from Canada. She was also as charming as could be. I tried one of the teas Jennifer sent - Tazo Wild Sweet Orange and BOY was it delicious! It was made all the more delicious by the little tea cup and saucer I bought specially for the tea party. It's a Homer Laughlin pattern and was thrifted for only $1.98. I wish I had time to have a little tea party like this everyday.


firstborn said...

hi you cutie pie!!!!

so glad that you were part of the tea & swap!!!

you did great for being "peep-less" (human that is, lol)...

you are too cute!!!

love & hugs,
mary ann xo

MéLisa said...

You look so cute having your tea with your "peeps"! Lol!