Monday, April 16, 2007

Sending Goodwill to Mozambique

Please join us
Kelli is awesome and is organizing this wonderful project. Please email either of us for more information or for Kelli's address to send the bags too.


carrster said...

I'm all over this! It's really amazing that you are offering to help out! :) You rock.

happy Zombie said...

The hair is standing straight up on my arms. I'm in tears over your kindness and caring and giving us this opportunity and privilege to Do Something. I'm so not surprised you are a part of this. You and Kelli are my "Oprah". I love you my friend.

em said...

I'm in and will send a bag from every person in my household. Please send me the details as soon as you're able and I'll get it in the post asap.


wende said...

Hey Raesha,

I'm in... I don't have your email so if you could send me the information (wende @ evidently. org) I'd sure appreciate it. We'll get our bag out ASAP!! :D

Denise said...

can't find your email to write personally, but want to send a few bags to kelli. thanks:

thank you. denise f in c'ville, va

Jude said...

Hi Raesha:

Thank you so much for pitching in to help Kelli organize this. On the offchance you are not as deluged with emails as Kelli, I had a few questions.

I was wondering about the size small for t-shirts -- if these bags are for the older orphanage, should the t-shirts be adult-sized small and/or should some be adult-sized medium?

Kelli mentioned "hair ties" as something to send -- what would be the best kind?

Thank you! :)