Monday, April 23, 2007

Thank yous!!!

First, a cute shot from our zoo trip today. There were so many parents there (VERY cool) that we only had to be in charge of Miss S and only one of her classmates. Here's the two sweetie pies posing on the momma lion. We had a great time. The weather was nice - not too sunny, and not too hot with a nice breeze. The animals were really active too which was cool.

Now on to the thank yous. Almost nothing makes me happier than good mail:) Here's a few of the things that came this week. I try to stagger my swaps, but three arrived this week alone:)

This fabulous box is from Jodi and is for the Flick Seasonal Swap group I belong to. The theme was flowers and just look at all this beautiful floral goodness.

This little packet of goodies arrived from Em a while ago and I have been remiss at posting a thank you to her:) :) Some lovely beads, papers, envelopes and ATC card backs and other atc goodies. Thank you sweet em!!

My First Aid Kit Swap arrived from brand new swapper - Liz. Everything was beautifully wrapped and I love everything! Her theme was kind of a get well, feel good first aid kit:):) I love it:) Can you believe this was her very first swap?

She made a little first aid kit - with a felted cross on the front - and the inside was stuffed full of all sorts of goodies - these are the middle pages - the front page had bandaids and the last page had a little sewing kit. SO cute! It's going to work with me to live in my desk:)

Lastly, here's the inside of my 5 Senses Swap package that I teased you with a day or two ago. There was also an adorable stuffed bird that chirped (sound) that Miss S took off with as soon as I opened it. The rest is - scented soap (scent), lovely yarn (touch), boxed chocolates (taste), an amazing wired bird next with a delicate egg and feathers (sight). This is also going to work with me so I can look at it all day:) On the top of my work bookcase I have a lot of the little arts and crafts so many of you have made for me to keep me company:):) and to remember that I am loved when my boss makes my days really horrible.


firstborn said...

how fab all your goodies!!! you so deserve goodness returned to you with all the goodness you send out!!!


Lucy said...

Oh my Raesha, I would be running to the mailbox every day with bells on if I were you!! The first aid kit is so unique, I've seen sewing kits like that but never a first aid kit, WOW~nice job for a first time swapper!

Heather said...

Wow Rae, you have turned into a heavy duty swapper. What a great haul(s) you have gathered from new friends!

em said...

I love sending you things :) I probably get as much joy out of sending them as you get from receiving packages!

It's so much fun seeing the other things people have sent to you too. Thanks for sharing :)

African Kelli said...

Awesome loot, as always! You must be swimming in goodies by now. Every time I stop by here you have lovely things to share! I can only imagine how many lovely things you are also sending out.
{I have been a lucky recipient!}
And the Albuquerque Zoo is one of my favorite childhood memories. Did you see the polar bears?