Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Tag Me Baby!

The awesome k8tykat tagged me here goes:): )

Go to Google and type in "raesha needs" then just copy the silliest lines and respond:):) Of course, if you do it, replace "Raesha" with your first name:):)

Well wouldn't you know that there were NO hits for "Raesha needs"
So I did a search for "Rae needs" since that's about the closest thing to my name that I could find a hit on:)

1. Rae NEEDS green hair. Raesha responds: OH NO!!! Hubby remarked that he really could see my grey yesterday, but I don't think he meant I should dye my hair green! I'm thinking maybe red:)
2. RAE needs to be seen in a long term perspective about the funding of research.
Raesha responds: I don't know how I'd like being seen in a perspective
3. Three Words Rae Needs to Say. "
Canada's National Interest" Raesha responds: I can truthfully say I have NEVER said those words, but I will do my best to say them tomorrow.
4. Rae needs no introduction to professional trainers. Raesha responds: Hmmm....not sure what to say about that one:)
5. Rae needs stuff for her wall! Raesha responds: Most definitely! Especially when it's stuff made by all your sweet lovely ladies!
6. You wouldn't think Rae needs a boost in that area. Raesha responds: Let's just say I DID have a breast reduction, so I CERTAINLY did not need a boost in THAT area:)
7. What Rae needs is good home cooking, sponge baths and a session with the blues. Raesha responds: I can definitely go for some home cooking, and how about a sponge bath by David Duchovny...I can't think of any blues singers right this minute though, probably because I'm so distracted thinking about that sponge bath:):)

So there you have it:)

I tag:
Mary Ann
Mary Ann

And whoever else would like to participate!
Leave a comment if you do so we can go check out your post too:)


Monique Duke said...

oh my heck! Too funny! Love wasting time with doing these!

Vallen said...

Okay, I looked up my lines and I'll be on it tomorrow.

kerry :: k8tykat said...

"what Rae needs is good home cooking, sponge baths and a session with the blues."

i need some too... lololol

Ann-Margret said...

Hmmmmm... I gave it a shot thinking I'd surely come up with some great lines, but it kind of bombed. Anyway, you can check my results here:

Lucy said...

This is all too funny, love the challenge....I thought number 7 was the best!!

I stepped up to the plate, check out my responses to all my "needs" on my last post :)


BMT said...

Pretty interesting...check it

em said...

Sounds like it could be interesting. I'll do it tomorrow :)

MaryAnn said...

I listed mine today! Have you mentioned "Canada's National Interest" in passing today? I think it'd be hard to weasel that phrase into conversation, but let me know how it goes!

iAMiAN said...

Dude, regarding number 7 - on the *same* day you posted this, I was watching episode 7x18 of X-Files - the one where they go to Hollywood for some movie screening, and they cut to a shot of Mulder, Scully and Skinner ... in bubble baths!