Sunday, April 15, 2007

Lazy Sunday

Well, not so much lazy, as "we're just sticking around the house today" Sunday. All three dogs got a bath, Miss S is watching Spy Kids II and I'm sewing:) My favorite way to spend Sunday after we get home from church.
Here's what I've finished so far:

My very first Scrappy Log Cabin Block for this group on Flickr. Please excuse the stained patio chair, but the light was perfect outside:) I literally randomly picked each piece from my scrap pile to see what I would come up with. It's very funky. For the next one I'll plan it a little more to see which style I like better.

I am ALMOST done with Mary Ann's fabric challenge goodies so I hope to have photos of those projects before the day is over. So until then, I hope you are having a lazy Sunday as well!


happy Zombie said...

Love your block Raesha!

We're doing the lazy Sunday too, and I'm sewing as well (you know that little Mimi... she's itching to get her little project done). Best of best days... the T-man took on dinner and a pot-roast is cookin' in the crock pot as I laze. Life is good!

Lucy said...

Love your quilt blocks, the colors look funky and vibrant together!

Question from a VERY beginner you sew the strips onto an interfacing of sorts or do you just sew the pieces together as is? Sorry for such a basic question...I'm just clueless in the sewing/quilting department :)

Can't wait to see more!