Saturday, April 07, 2007

Inspiration and Easter Egg Hunts

I was up until about 1 am last night and had a fabulous time being creative:) It started with this atc....(I made 9 of these)

I loved the design so much that it inspired this tag...I made 5 of these)

then the tag inspired this collage....(I made two of these)

I wanted to do more but I could barely keep my eyes open. I am really quite happy with how all three turned out:) And I have finally decided on a swap that I would like to on the lookout this week as I fine tune the details:)

I took Miss S to an Easter egg hunt at a neighborhood down the road today - imagine our surprise when we opened the garage door and it was SNOWING!!! I couldn't believe it. We normally have crappy weather for Easter, but we haven't had snow at Easter for years and years. Here's Miss S and her two little pals, Hannah and Noah, all ready for the hunt. It was a zoo (all the city ones are) and each of them only got one egg. My friend was clever enough to bring a few eggs filled with candy for each of them. Tomorrow we will our own little egg hunt with Miss S, Hannah and Noah, and their cousin. We have 80 eggs stuffed and ready to go so each of them will get 20 eggs:)

Miss S is such a poser...and yes, she dressed herself. I really don't mind having a Punky Brewster child as I'm usually entertained by the combinations that she chooses. She has on wedge sandals:)


Stephanie Lynn said...

Happy Easter Raesha! Love the ATCs/tags/collage (talk about taking an idea and flying with it!). Hope you have a good day.

em said...

I love the ATCs, tags and collages! You're very creative and inspire me all the time.

As for the snow, we had our share of it yesterday. The snowflakes were so huge they could have put out an eye :)

Lucy said...

Your collage and ATC/tags are beautiful, I love the color combination!!

Your daughter is a real cutie patootie! Her pose is just too funny :) I'm glad despite the snow you all had a wonderful Easter.