Friday, June 15, 2007


I had an epiphany at work today....I realized in my former life I was a gay 45 year old man. I've mentioned our new paralegal before - he is the gay-est man I have ever known, and I've had lots of gay friends in my life. Alex and I like the same music, the same movies, the same's really quite funny.

I also realized today that I a doofus (well I've always known that, but it was brought home again today) when I realized I MISSED by own blogaversary. I thought it was June 16 (tomorrow) when really it was June 11 (Monday) - oh well, better late than never and I will be posting my special blogaversary post tomorrow: )

So tune in tomorrow - I have a fabulous giveaway planned!

Lastly, Miss S and I went shoe shopping last night. She desparately needed some new tennis shoes, but I let her sweet talk me into getting these adorable pink polka dot shoes too. Look at how tan little Miss S is already. She has her daddy's dark complexion and she tans really quickly - unlike me who turns beet red in minutes unless slathered with 50 spf sunscreen.


rohanknitter said...

Those are both super cute shoes there!
My boys are all brown already too, as well as my husband. Not me though! If it weren't for fake tan spray, my legs wouldn't have any color at all.

Danielle said...

Polka dots!! Too cute. I don't tan either... I am WHITE!! My poor kids take after their momma too.

Happy blogaversary:-)

Dawn said...

You have super taste... I almost got those but thought the red ones suited me better, but it wasn't to be... the only size they didn't have was the ten. Boo hoo.

Stephanie Lynn said...

Love the new shoes.

Christy said...

Happy Blogaversary, sort of!

The shoes are super cute. I'm wearing my trusty Clark's again, for the third summer. But, I think you and Miss S have inspired me to do a little shoe shopping tomorrow and find something really fun! :)

happy Zombie said...

Those shoes are so cute... and I love the momma/daughter pic!

My kids tan too. Me, I burn. I can burn in the shade!

monique(moki) said...

Those are seriously both the cutest shoes I have seen all year!!!

Vallen said...

Those are too darn cute!!!