Friday, June 01, 2007

Happy JUNE!!!

I have to tell you...June is my favorite month:) I think once you read the rest of this you'll find out why:)

It is a month full of celebrations for family and loved ones:

June 6 - dear friend Susan's birthday
June 14 - sweet moki's birthday
June 16 - my one year blogaversary!
June 17 - father's day
June 18 - Paul McCartney's birthday
June 19 - my own lovely birthday (35 this year!!!)
June 23 - sweet sista Ryalin's birthday
June 29 - handsome brother Shay's birthday

By the time I get done with June I am going to be partied out!! I have fun plans in mind for my blogaversary and my birthday so be sure to keep your eye out for that:):)

(No pics for this post cause I'm blogging from work:):) )


Knitting Mama said...

Your one year blogaversary is on my 26th birthday!!

rohanknitter said...

Sounds like a really fun month! You have the same bday as my mil!

Happy Zombie said...

Whoo whooo... what a great month!