Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Heart-Felt Giveaway

I really admire the bloggers that have cute, witty titles for their posts. That requires more brain power than I normally have after a full day of work...but I'm hoping to get better at it:)
EDITED: Thanks moki for the awesome title suggestions! I love it:)) You are so good with not so good...but I can whip up any type of legal document that KICKS ass!

This is my lovely giveaway for today:

A sweet heart and flower felt pincushion. I made a whole bunch of these in different colors and I loved how they all turned out. Leave me a comment to be entered into this drawing:)

Winners of the Big Bertha tissue holders will be announced this evening:) And tomorrow I will announce the winners of the mini quilt and the pincushion.

Thank you all so much for the wonderful comments I have received this week! My in box is absolutely overflowing with over 300 emails/comments that I want to reply to. I am slowly making my way through them. Please know that I cherish each comment and email that I receive and forgive me for being so slow in responding! This weekend I plan on catching up on that while I'm packaging up all my party favors and giveaways to mail out:):)


Danielle said...

I have to enter once again, why? Because I never win anything! So I have to enter everything I can in hopes to win a little something.

And don't worry about clever titles... I am not very good at them either!!

monique(moki) said...

I don't need a pin cushion..nor do I "need" anymore loveliness from you, but I thought I would suggest a witty title ;)
"Heart-felt giveaway"

dawn said...

Raesha, you know you don't have to send lovely email thankyou's to all those offers of blue pills, investment opportunities and dates. Silly girl. You are just too darn nice.

Fiona said...

I'm with Danielle. I love a competition. I see the ironing board is still the best place to take a photo. Must be the cleanest part of the ironing board as I can't tell it is old and dirty.
Pin cushion looks great. Love these little projects.