Saturday, June 02, 2007

Saturday Treasures

Miss S started a three Saturday art class today - that meant a wonderful 2 hour block of time for me to do whatever I wanted:) And of course, I chose garage sale-ing. I found some wonderful items and only encountered one looney tune. At one garage sale I found a handpieced hexagon doll quilt made with vintage feedsacks. When I asked how much it was I was told $5 - but not just that. The $5 quote was immediately followed with "and I'm not lowering the price. You'll regret it if you don't buy it" Well just for that piss poor response and attitude I did NOT buy it, nor anything else from that weird lady.
The rest of the stops I made were all very fruitful and I'm afraid I came home with way too many things.
I also stopped at two estate sales - the first sale had TONS of embroidery kits from probably the 70's - I bought a box of about 10 of them for $3.00 but once I got them home and unpacked, I realized that they smelled horribly like old cigarette smoke and mustly stale house smell so they are going straight to Goodwill....oh well - for $3.00 I'm not too heartbroken, especially when I show you my find of the day:):)
The next estate sale was a lot nicer, in a much cleaner house, and NO smells:) I found an shoebox from England labeled "son's baby clothes" and this is what was inside:
At least 10 different handmade baby clothes and other children's linens that I suspect are at least from the 30's if not earlier. They are absolutely beautiful and the handiwork is stunning.

These three pieces are my favorites - a lace and ribbon bonnet, lace and embroidered slip and an embroidered dress. I am so in love with them already. SO the first person to guess what I paid for this whole shoebox of loveliness will get one (maybe two) of the items that were in the box:) Leave a comment with your guess and hopefully we'll have a winner by Monday morning. If no one has guessed the exact price by Monday morning, I will go with the person that is the closest.

After Hubby got home from work we went fishing with some friends at a cool place called Shady Lakes. I've lived in Albuquerque for 20 years and never knew this place existed until about a month ago.
Miss S caught a little trout that will make a yummy dinner for me - neither hubby or Miss S like fish, but I could eat fish everyday.

See that red hat and the orange t-shirt - that's hubby and Miss S fishing across one of the lakes from me.
There was also a really cool water garden.

These flowers made me smile.

And this laughing Budda (Buddah?) made me smile even more: )

And I've discovered we have a little guest in the house - a mouse:( I truly love mice and always have, but I do not wish to share my home with one. I had to scrub mouse poop out of the pot I used last night for dinner. I think it's hiding out in the pantry so I put a mouse trap in there.


rohanknitter said...

Hmmm, I'm going to guess something ridiculous like $2.00.
It's kind of sad to see something like that unloved and sold off but now you have rescued it! Yea!

kerry :: k8tykat said...

i want to say something like $50.
because they are just precious.

but i'm going to say $5.
and that's is a crime!!


Lucy said...

Wow--everything is so plovely, love it.

I'm sure the price was something totally insane so I will say 4.00. I'm so glad the linens and clothes have gone to a good home now.

jess said...

I'm going to guess 13.50. I really miss the garage sales down there, they were amazing! You really found some beautiful items... Lucky Dog!

dawn said...


but I hope not. Lucky you though and lucky that they've fallen into the hands of someone who treasures them.

Danielle said...

What lovely finds. I was going to say $5, and $4 is taken too, so I will say $3.

Shady Lakes looks beautiful. How I would love to spend a day there with my family:-)

Beth Leintz said...

Ohh I've always wanted to play The Price is Right. Well, I'm sure the linens are worth a ton- because they are beauties, but I'm going to guess $10.50.

I wouldn't have bought anything from the crabby quilt lady either!

monique(moki) said...

got to guess! I'll say $9.75 ;) I'm starting to think estate sales and those by elderly folks are the way to go!!! My favorite finds on Friday were from those exact places!

monique(moki) said...

ohhh and how the heck did you not know about shady lakes?! ;) I thought EVERY kindergartener went there on a field trip ;)
love you!

Christy said...

Really hating my computer tonight - it just ate my comment!!

Anyway, I'm guessing the person who sold that box of lovelies had no idea what they had and just wanted it gone. So, you must've paid something ridiculous like fifty cents.

Marilyn said...

What a great box of goodies. I would say you probably paid $4 for the box. Definitely worth more than that but we know you are good at finding a great deal!!!

Shady Lakes sounds really fun. I've never heard of them but then again I don't live "in" Albuquerque, I just visit once in awhile to go shopping and I'm going to HAVE to come down and go to Goodwill!!!!!