Sunday, June 17, 2007

Overdue Thank Yous

I have received so many wonderful things the last few weeks and I have been remiss about posting them. Mostly, I have not been home during the day to take semi decent pictures of all these goodies:):)

Vallen sent me a wonderful box stuffed with treasures - she even included a flower pin, jar and mini pincushion that she made. Thank you so much my sweet friend!

Teresa of MaggieGraceCreates sent me these two dishclothes after I commented how lovely they were. They are one of my absoolute favorite shades of green:):) Thank you my dear!

I participated in an ATC swap on swap-bot - the theme was polka dots and spots. "I CU" is the one that I sent out and the other three are the ones I received. Aren't they cool?? The flower one is even from another NM crafter! She lives about an hour south of Albuquerque. I am not doing too many swaps on swap-bot anymore - but I still like to do the occassional ATC swap.

Look at what my sweet sister, Ryalin, sent me for my birthday!! I burned the candle yesterday and it smells fabulous! Remind me one day to tell you about her nickname and how she got it:):) Thank you Rye bread!! (that's the G-rated nickname....I need to tell you about the PG-13 rated nickname)
Regina sent me a pair of her awesome flip off earrings....they are the COOLEST!! She also sent a hair pin and a lovely notecard. Thank you so much!

These are the goodies I received for my June flickr fat quarter swap...if you are not part of this group and you love fabric you need to go join!!! I can't wait to make something with these lovely green fat quarters.

While Miss S was at her art class yesterday I took advantage of my free time and ran to Goodwill. I found a few really fun things....including this "make your own paperweight" still in the box from Hallmark. I wasn't quite sure what the price was had no less than 14 price stickers on it.

I've started collecting vintage travel plates for the states I have been to. Goodwill prices them high - usually about $3.99 but I've found several that were the color of the day. Thrift Town prices them at $1.99 which is even better when they are the color of the day. Here are the 4 most recent ones I have found.
Florida and Texas:
Washington and Washington DC:
I know I have a couple more but I can't quite remember where I put them.

So now that you've made it to the end of this incredibly long post I think I'll have two giveaways today instead of just one to reward you:):)

First up - a darling little pincushion I made using the Heather Bailey tutorial in the latest issue of Quilts and More - the one featuring the fabulous Miss Monica on the cover:)

Up next - a VERY cool cigar tin. I found 5 of these at Goodwill for .39 each and I just couldn't resist. The design on the tin is so cool.

Leave a comment and I'll announce the winner on Tuesday!


Knitting Mama said...

That is a lot of price tags on the item! Holy!

I'd like to be entered in your contest :)

Mary Ann said...

I'm in for a cigar tin! Imagine the alteration possibilities! Also, your bday gift is en route;)

Danielle said...

Very cool pin cushion.

I love all your goodies. I cannot believe all the price tags, yikes!

monique(moki) said...

did you go to rio rancho? If you did, we must have just missed each other! I was there for about an hour right before lunch. I missed snagging a cute little baby bed that had a red tag! Totally would have snagged it!

Beth Leintz said...

I love the plate collection- what kitchy fun!

Katie Jean said...

I seriously wish I had known about your vintage plate collection. I've been seeing them at my thrift store for .80!

Roxanne said...

Holy Cow! That was a lot of great stuff!! I love the idea of collecting plates from the states you visited!

rohanknitter said...

Lots of neat goodies! I like those vintage plates! I think those Heather Bailey pincusions are the cutest.

jess said...

I love your pincushion! I had to run out and buy the magazine last week just to make those, but they're so cute!

Vallen said...

I love sending you stuff!!! ANd I missed your b-day! I'll just have to send more!!!

Regina said...

You are so welcome! Happy Birthday to you too!!

I need to get organized. I have over -do thank yous too!

Lainey-Paney said...

what are dischlothes?
Are they...potholders?
Or do your really slip a plate in there or something???