Monday, June 04, 2007

Congratulations to...

LUCY!! Who hit the nail on the head with $4.00. Can you believe it??? There were 12 items in the box so that's only about 30 cents each and I would guess these are worth at least $100. It was one of the finds where you have to remind yourself to stay calm and don't scream ( at least out loud)!!! Lucy - I think I still have your address so look for some goodies from me soon!!
Now I'm on the lookout for some awesome vintage hangers to hang some of them on - if you see any, let me know!
Thanks for playing my guessing game! I think I'm going to start doing this more often so I can share the wealth with you all:):)


Lucy said...

YIPPEEE!! I can't believe I won..and further more, can't believe the selling price!! My goodness!!

The postlady is going to start thinking I have something going on in NM with all this postal traffic back and forth!! LOL

Thank you for offering up this giveaway!


monique(moki) said...

oh heck! It's a good thing we didn't go to tht sale together!!! Check the dollar stores for vintagey hangers, or pic up some wooden ones and decorate them (paint and decoupage an old illustration on it or painta little cabbage rose)

Raesha D said...

OOOH excellent ideas Miss Moki!!