Monday, June 18, 2007

My Kind of Family Time

Miss S and I spent the evening cheering on Hubby's hockey team - tonight was the playoff game for the intermediate league and Hubby's team won!! That's him on the far left:)

Miss S screamed her daddy's name the whole game, but instead of Michael, it came out myCULL myCULL myCULL...she is a fabulous little cheerleader and quite the poser. A few of Hubby's friends from work came to watch the game so that was really cool.

I worked on my newest scarf for the first two periods of the game - a simple green shell stitch using some lovely yarn that Moki gave me:)

See you tomorrow...I hope you'll join me for my birthday party:)


monique(moki) said...

What a ham! ;) Did I give up green yarn to you? musthave been lissa's stash ;) Happy Biday in a little more that 30 min!

Danielle said...

Miss S is cute. Great pose. I have a couple hams myself.

Ryalin said...

I bet it was fun!!! We won our game last night 7-2. However, we had a player rushed to the ER with a possible broken elbow, or torn bicep. It was gross. Score was 2-2 then and we came back with 5 more goals in about ten minutes. Some of our players said I am the "good luck charm" because I only played the second half, which incidentially is when we started scoring big!!

SoDak Angel said...

Oh...we LOVE hockey here too...I am always fascinated that hubby still has it!