Monday, July 31, 2006

A Great Weekend

We are in love....with Durango!! We had so much fun during our long weekend. We did have a little adventure though. We were eating lunch on the patio at the Old Tymer's Cafe on Main street and I heard a man yelling "fire - call 911" I asked the waitress if the hotel across the street was doing a show and she said no, then I saw a guy climbing out the top window and smoke billowing out. Then we heard the fire engines. It turns out the top two floors of the El Rancho Hotel (now apartments) were on fire. The firemen had to resuce 6 people that were still in the building and the paper said it was the largest business fire in Durango in 31 years. It was quite amazing to watch - which we did for almost an hour with several hundred other people. How scary. No one was injured other than some slight smoke inhalation.

Now on to the good stuff! I found a charming quilt shop that was all the better because there was a basket of toys for Miss S and a reading nook for Hubby with lots of guy magazines. He was content to let me shop while he read Car and Driver. Bravo to the quilt shop for thinking of the guys that get dragged along. I'm sporting the bag Moki made me for my birthday. I love it and have used every since she gave it to me:)

Here's a picture of Miss S on the porch of our cabin. We stayed at the Durango KOA East and were very impressed. Our cabin was perfect, and we were really close to the bathrooms. The campground showed movies nightly and we got to see "Eight Below" and go swimming. We mostly just relaxed and enjoyed being away from home. Now back to the grindstone tomorrow. I was planning on taking the day off but I have too much trial prep that I was feeling nervous about taking the whole day off. I plan on going in about 11:00 am and just working a half-day. Then I start a 5 hour trial on Thursday morning. YUCK!! Trials are so stressful but are really quite exciting. I love to watch the attorneys react to each other.


moki said...

Can you believe I have never been to the Durango quilt store! I'll have to go.
And you were literally a miute from my grandparents and mom and dad this weekend! How funny! I'm glad you had such a great weekend! Talk to you soon

carrster said...

Sounds like a good time!

Caro said...


I have received the package you sent me. Thank you very much for all the beautiful things you sent me. I expect to see you by my blog. Thanks again for everything.

See you soon.
carosandia (chile)

Marilyn said...

I found your blog through another quilting blog and just wanted to say "hi"!
I started reading your archives and noticed you had visited Durango! I live 35 miles south of Durango, in New Mexico, and I love Durango, too. DH and I go up there quite often not only for work but to shop and eat but just to hang out, too. We love it!
I love your blog and hope you don't mind me crashing in.
Marilyn in NM