Monday, July 03, 2006

I love RINGO

The concert was FABULOUS!!!! The rain let up for most of the night and luckily we only had a few sprinkles during the concert. This was the first big ticket concert I had been to in a LONG time and it was so worth it! The band played for a full two hours, with each member of the All Starr Band playing a few songs each, interspersed with Ringo singing about 10 songs. Hubby laughed at me when I told him I wrote out the play list - that is a little tradition I have when I go to concerts. I like to be able to go back later and remember what the band played - I also always have good intentions of making a CD featuring the exact play list. I have seen other people writing down songs so I know I'm not the only weirdo doing this!

Check out Ringo's official site here for more pics and info on the current All Starr Band. Did I mention I also saw Ringo and the All Starr Band in 1989? That was their very first tour and it was in a huge stadium with thousands and thousands of people in Vancouver, BC. The Sandia Casino Amphitheater holds only about two thousand, I would guess, and it was such a cool place to see Ringo. Very intimate. I had a perfect seat, right on the aisle, in the middle and only about 100 yards away from the stage. A quick recap - two hours of AWESOME music, $100 of FABULOUS souvenirs, peace, love and Beatles t-shirts EVERYWHERE - equals one HAPPY Raesha.

I wanted to sleep in today but we ended up getting up by about 7:15 this morning. Miss S requested Scooby Do waffles for breakfast and then she went to preschool for a few hours. While she was there Hubby and I went and saw Superman Returns today with some friends - I would highly recommend it as it was very entertaining. It made me sad to think of Christopher Reeve and his days as Superman. We have a full day planned tomorrow, too. I have to finish three sewing projects in the morning and then we are having friends over for the afternoon. We are changing up the tradition a little and going out for dinner. Then back home for some fireworks in the driveway.


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