Thursday, July 06, 2006

Pictures Galore

I made Miss S a pair of pants last night using this awesome tutorial posted at Wardrobe Refashion '06. I lengthened them to 20 inches so they turned out more like culottes. I used a purple print I had in my stash and they turned out some cute!! I finished them in less than half an hour and Miss S wore them proudly to school today.

So - here's a shot of me with my curly hair - I have been flat ironing it straight for a while now, but this is my natural curl. I can't decide which style I like better. It has been incredibly humid in Albuquerque lately and we all know what that brings - frizz - so wearing it curly has been so much easier.

One of the projects I completed on the long weekend - my grandpa gave me his old sewing table and the chair had a really old, hideous, brown fabric on it.

I recovered it with a piece of this awesome floral fabric I found at Saver's a few weeks ago. I think the piece is about 4 yards and I snagged it for $1.99. The rest will become bags and maybe a skirt for me.

I boxed up all my goodies for the tea party swap I am participating in. These goodies are on their way to Natalie in Seattle, WA. I've sent off three swap boxes now and have yet top receive anything. I rush home everyday to check the mail and have been very disappointed. I have an extremely difficult time being patient. The next swap I will be working on is a fabric swap.


Hanna said...

I have a sewing table like that! But it has no fabric on it, I need to fix that soon!

Miss Beaux said...

Hi, I came home today (after a VERY stressful day) to find your amazing tea package waiting at my doorstep. I absolutely adore it - you really went above and beyond!! I'm enjoying a cup of the peach tea and a key lime cookie as I type this.

Thanks so much!!

Ryalin said...

Hey those pants are so cool. I've been thinking about making Logan some. He's so skinny that he's wearing 6-9 month shorts, but when winter hits 6-9 will fit in waist but not in length. That looks so easy and simple.
Love you

kathy said...

I finally just came to terms with my curly hair and I let it curl as it may now. I used to use hot rollers to straighten it. I miss the look but not the work.

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