Friday, July 28, 2006

Swap Goodness

I have been a busy little beaver getting all my remaining July swaps out in the mail. I forgot to take pictures of Paper Goods swap package which is heading to Chile andmy July Fabric swap package which is heading to Oregon, but I did remember to take a pic of my Handbag swap package which is on its was to France. Here is a picture of the inside of the bag. I printed the label on my printer using twill tape. It turned out so cool! I love the font - it's a very old fashioned typerwriter style font. The picture of the outside is down at the bottom of this post.

I also received TONS of fabulous mail this week - my Polka Dot Swap package arrived from Karla (I will have to post all the links later as I forgot to bring them with me to work)

My Sweet Pea Swap #3 arrived from Marina - those are Beatles 45s in the middle!!! Miss S keeps trying to take off with the candy!

Here are my WYSIWYG prizes that I won...

And here is the outside of my Handbag - I think it turned out great.

Here's hoping I have another fabulous mail week next week! We are heading to Durango for the weekend after I get off work so I will be sans computer for THREE days....I have a full bag of new knitting projects to take with me:) Have a fabulous weekend!


carrster said...

How fun!!

Good luck on the 3-days-without-internet! Have fun in Durango.

ellia said...

hope you had a wonderful time swapping :D this week really was fulla goodies for ya ;)

pelagieambroisine said...

I do love the bag you made for me, it is so marvellous, thanks a lot, I love the fabric you took, thanks, I take it for my hollidays... have a nice day.

pelagieambroisine said...

I forgot to ask you how fif you do the marvellous é"tui" of kleenex ? it s a mistery for me .....