Monday, July 10, 2006

A Pleasant Monday

For a Monday, today has been quite delightful. Work was nice, I enjoyed a quick trip to the fabric store at lunch, dinner was quick and easy as Hubby requested ham sandwiches and now I am enjoying a few peaceful minutes at home along. Hubby is at hockey and Miss S is next door playing with the neighbors. I hope this calm, peaceful feeling continues with me throughout the rest of the week.

I found out yesterday that a friend had her baby boy recently and her shower is on the 21st. As I have been so enamored with my sewing machine lately I decided to make her a little quilt (featured above). I'm very pleased with how it turned out - instead of a straight stich for quilting in the ditch, I zig-zagged in the ditch in a darker blue thread. Best of all - every fabric I used is from my stash!

A neighbor is cutting their grass and I am enjoying the scent - one of my favorites! The Gap sold a perfume several years ago called "Grass" which smelled just like freshly mown clover. If you ever come across some let me know!!


carrster said...

Glad you had a nice Monday! The quilt is adorable. I'm sure it will be loved. :-)

moki said...

ah! I remember "Grass" At buffalo I remember they had "headshop!" lol too funny!

Is that for Debbie? Too cute! I love it!

African Kelli said...

My goodness! You made that in one day? It is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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