Thursday, July 13, 2006


My tea swap package arrived! I was so excited as this was the first package I have received for the current round of swaps I am participating in. Thanks Elizabeth!

I found this lovelie today at Goodwill - it's probably circa 1970's. It's kind of hard to tell but the design on the pockets is a roadrunner - the New Mexico state bird. I've always been fascinated with roadrunners - they really are unique little birds who prefer to run rather than fly. We see them occassionally by the house. I just noticed the nice farmer tan I've got going on my arms:)!

I am SO glad tomorrow is Friday. For once we have nothing planned for the weekend and I'm looking forward to relaxing and working on my wristlet for the wristlet swap I am working on. I'm going to add more links and buttons to my blog so you can see all the great people I have been discovering the last few weeks. And I seriously need to clean my house. I have not put Miss S's laundry away in at least a month - I'm not kidding - and it's been on my bedroom floor in a basket all nicely folded and waiting to be put away. I HATE putting laundry away - I'd much rather leave it out folded so I can just wear it again. When I'm rich I will pay someone to do my laundry and the dishes - my two least favorite chores.


moki said...

maybe we can go halfers on that maid :) Love your new apron! Perfect example of New Mexico kitch!

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