Monday, July 10, 2006

Monday Tradeables

1. Hold It!!! How to sew bags, totes, duffels, pouches and more!

2. Easy to Make Costumes - "It's Halloween, there's a Christmas pageant. There's a school play or a dress up birthday party. Don't fret....because your child can have a super duper costume in a snap."

3. Stitch Something Special - More than 40 things to make from scraps. Full size patterns and directions for: purses to wear, shoulder bags, stuffed toys, pillows, picushions, placemats, playtime quilt and more.

These are this week's tradeables...please get these out of my house:)!!!!


firstborn said...

i hear you on this!!!

i believe i have something of YOURS over at my blog {smile}!

Anonymous said...

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