Sunday, July 23, 2006

Happy Sunday

I have been wanting to post just about everyday this week but just have not done it. In my 9-5 life I am a paralegal and I have a big trial coming up next week so I have been absolutely slammed at work. It makes for one very tired and lazt Raesha when I finally get home in the evenings. However, I did find time for a fabulous night of bunco at Moki's house on Wednesday night. I spent Saturday relaxing, sewing, and catching up on some chores. Miss S went to Chuck E. Cheese with the neghbors so hubby and I went out for a ride together on his new BMW motorcycle. I started 5 bags - I'll post the link to the tutorial when I get them all done cause as of right now I can't remember where I go it:)

Miss S and I visited a fairly new quilt shop in Rio Rancho yesterday called Quilt Bugs - they have been open just about two years and yesterday was my first opportunity to stop there. OH MY GOSH!! The employees are SO kind and their fabric is fabulous. I picked up all the fabric there for the July Fabric Swap I am doing through Swap-bot. I'm hoping to find a class or two to do there this fall. I was so impressed at how nice they were to both me AND Miss S. I am always a little uncomfortable taking a child into a quilting store, but they had a great little play corner and they even gave her a baggie of 12 assorted 4in squares of fabric when I was checking out. What a contrast to the quilt store we visited in Corrales last week - I don't think any employee even said hi to us there and I felt like they wre giving me and Miss S the evil eye the whole time we were in there. Quilt Bugs is definitely the shop to visit as I LOVE kind people and they are dripping with it there!!

I finished and mailed off my Sweetpea Swap #3 package on Friday. It was PACKED with goodies - so much so I had to take two pictures to picture it all. And it cost $19 to mail!!!! I was partnered with Greenbean baby's sister, Marina, and I hope she enjoys everything! Hmmm I can't get my photots to load - I will post the pictures after Hubby gets home from work and tells me what I am doing wrong:)

Happy Sunday everyone!


marina said...

Yes Raesha i loved everything instead my box, and my Ananda loved the pink teddy bear Sydney gave to her thank you so much. i hope u like your box-marina

moki said...

yeah quilt bugs is so nice! And corrales is a hit or miss...depending on who is there I guess. T man ran amok one time with only sweet smiles and comments given to him...but we know what a ladies man he is ;)

I'll give you a call, I want to see if you're to swamped for crafting sometime this wekend...Fri?