Saturday, August 05, 2006

I'm glad this week is over!!

As I mentioned before, I had a big trial this week so work was absolutely insane leading up to the trial on Thursday. Then Friday I had to catch up on everything else that did not gone done for my other clients while I was doing trial prep. I treated myself to a mid day break at lunch and went shopping at a nearby thrift store . I found an absolute treasure trove of items - here are pics of all my goodies. I don't know why this text is appearing as a link but I can't figure out how to undo that:) :)
A Newport News purple dress, a Ralph Lauren cosmetic bag, 4 bags of trims and rickrack, a bag of thread, magnetic fridge frames, a set of stamps, more patterns and a huge bag of stationery with a bunch of the red and blue striped airmail envelopes - I love those!

My first score - a Lily Pulitzer breast cancer awareness scarf!
The picture quality on these are horrible but hopefully you can see all the vintage goodies I scored. A bunch of patterns and magazines, including a 1940 Good Housekeeping and a 1952 Better Homes and Gardens!Also a bag of really cool vintage style glass bottles with stoppers. I organized some of my buttons in those last night to store in my new sewing cabinet. I was so pleased and could have stayed there MUCH longer as I did not even look at the clothing. As it was I was 15 minutes late getting back to work:)

Anyway, I want to share some of my goodies with you! SO if you can guess how much I paid for this awesome score I will send you an assortment of a few of these goodies. Here's a clue - the four numbers in the price I paid are 8-2-2-3. See if you can guess the right order and if you are the closest you win!! You can guess until Tuesday evening.


moki said...


Ali said...

i say 23.82

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

oops..Nikki said 38.22

Heather said...

Ooh wow, what a score. I am very jealous.. our ONLY remaining thrift store is basically a dumping ground for Target cast offs.. and they mark them back up! I love going to Savers, but the closest one is 40 minutes away.

So as to avoid duplication, I am going to guess $28.32!