Sunday, August 27, 2006

A Mighty Fine Weekend

This has shaped up to be a great weekend. I had no big plans so that I would have time to clean house and work on swaps and craft projects. I was able to do a little bit of each! Saturday I took Miss S to ballet, then did some garage sale-ing (nothing TOO great, but I did get the Phantom of the Opera dvd for $5.00 and a cute metal lunch box for Miss S for a quarter.) After ballet we did a few errands and went to Goodwill - again, nothing spectacular, but I did score a few goodies - like a VERY old hardcover of Alice and Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass - I can't even find a printing date on it. Hubby and I watched "Snatch" last night. A very cool movie directed by my favorite material girl's husband, Guy Ritchie. I love Brad Pitt when he's dirty and grungy:)
This weekend I freezer stenciled two t-shirts - one for me and one for Miss S, and made a fun little teddy bear for Miss S using the leftover jean legs from a pair that I made into long shorts. Hubby picked out a very cool koi for me to stencil - it's a little intricate so it may take a while. It would look so cool on a solid color skirt.
Anyway - here's some pics:
Mine's the blue one - featuring a very Woodtock-esque birdy, and Miss S has a beautiful butterfly on her purple t-shirt.

Introducing - Miss Jean (get it - she's made from jeans:):):) I'm a dork! She's wearing a little apron that is a little too long so I might shorten it. I need to work on the face a little more on the next one, but this came together very quickly and I'm fairly pleased with her.

Well, I'm off to eat lasagna that Hubby put in the oven while Miss S and I were gone for church, YUM!!


Jackie said...

I am so loving that bird freezer paper stencil! I have not tried that yet (I did buy the paints). My daughter would love the butterfly. Great job!

me said...

Freezer stencil? You have got to email Tracy and get her back into her sewing! She's wanted to for so long, she just hasn't had the motivation or whatnot. I'm sure if you guys chit chatted she'd be totally stoked :]