Sunday, August 13, 2006

Mail Goodies

I'll start this post with the most touching item I received in the mail this week. My sister sent me this flag which is the Servicemember's Flag. The blue star means that we have a loved one serving our country - my brother, Ian, who is in Iraq. I love it - I put it in the window as soon as I opened it.

I also received my Paper Goods Swap package from Lisa in Alabama- this package was stuffed to the brim with cool paper goodies. She is a framer so she included several cuts of cool mat board, a framing magazine and two poster catalogs - these will be great to cut up for cards, ATC and collage stuff. The box in the corner was stuffed with more goodies, not one, not two, but THREE little journals/books. I can't wait to use them! Thank you Lisa!

My Wristlet World Swap package arrived too from Carrie. She is in Minnesota so her wristlet represented the blue of the great lakes and the green of the trees. She included hot chocolate, swedish fish (my FAVE - and with little handstamped labels), wild rice that her uncle distributes and Spam (made in her home town). What a cool package!!

Lastly I received my August Button of the Month packge from Thimble. Very cool, retro, polka dot buttons. I still have not decided what to do with my buttons so for now they wait in their package for some inspiration to strike me.


ellia said...

wow, you got SO MANY GOODIES!!!! my gosh, you found alot of swaps- where have i been?! ohhh what goodness!!!

moki said...

What great packages! (You could make the buttons the center of a fabric flower for a chic lapel or purse pin.

What did you do today? I heard you ditched too :)

Thanks again for a fun dinner!