Sunday, August 20, 2006

Weekend Recap

Miss S and I just got home from the park by the house - she swang and I got bit by gnats for almost an hour until I could no longer stand it. We think we saw a fox in the arroyo behind the park. It was just too far to tell but I do not think it was a dog and it was too red to be a coyote. Miss S wanted to go get it and take it home:)

My Oh Scrap package arrived...all the way from Middlesex, England - my very first goodies from someone outside of the US. I would like to live in her scrap box - nothing was smaller than a fat quarter. And the colors and patterns are awesome! I wish I could remember her name - her swap-bot name is sewpatchwork. I don't think she has a blog but if I do find one for her I will post it.

She even wrapped all the scraps in another piece of fabric with a cute little tag. LOVE IT! Even Hubby was impressed.

I spent Saturday with my friend, Carla, and her kiddos doing some errands and hanging out. Then we went to a birthday party for my friend's two year old daughter and got to hang out with her awesome family and extended family and Moki and her family. It was a fun night. Even made it to church EARLY today. Now it's off to the bath for Miss S and hopefully to bed soon. I worked on tons of WIP projects yesterday and I'll be showing those off soon:)

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moki said...

I'm glad you had such a great weekend!