Monday, August 28, 2006

Mondays STINK!!

I had a crappy day at work - felt like the boss was giving me the stink eye all day. I told Hubby when I got home that I would like a job where I didn't cry almost every day on my commute home....
so I fooled around on the computer for a while until I started to feel better and I added a bunch of links and I think I figured out how to post buttons - see my Sew Retro button and Moki's Recipe for Peace button. I just don't know how to make them smaller:)
Miss S and I are going to make chocolate chip cookies and I will eat too many, then I will stay up too late watching tv cause Hubby is at hockey, but maybe, just maybe, tomorrow will be a better day at work.
I'll end with a cute, just because pic os Miss S and her cousin (that's Miss S on the right) .


carrster said...

What an adorable photo!!! Sorry that your Monday sucked. :( I hope Tuesday is better for you.

(thanks for adding my link!)

Amy said...

That photo is the cutest thing I've seen in awhile! Why don't bosses realize that happy employees are more productive employees? Or even that being kind to people is good for their karma? Boo-Hiss for crappy bosses. I hope Tuesday ends up better!

Too many chocolate chip cookies is good for the soul sometimes! I bet they were delicious. Thanks for the link, too :).