Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The Good Parts of My Week

My best friend, Tammy, sent this beautiful bouquet to me and Hubby for our anniversary...(please if anyone knows how to rotate pictures please let me know)

I received several swap boxes - but have only taken pictures of one so far - my Thrift Swap from Swap-bot - the parameters were spend $10.00 at the thrift store for your swap buddy. Look at all these beauties I got! Delicate glass items and I LOVE the floral vase. Thank you Kathy!

And this sweet little pug just made me smile. We have two pugs - Gammy and Yuki - ages 12 and 9 respectively - pugs are so much fun!!! Our sweeties are getting old and slowing down a little bit but they still make us laugh.

So if this is the GOOD part...there has to be a BAD wallet was stolen from the law office I work at. One of the attorney's had her wallet stolen, too. Turns out there's been several robberies around town where a guy comes into an office and says he is working on the roof and he's just checking to make sure we have not had any leaks inside. This is totally plausible cause we've had crazy rains the last month and roofs really are leaking all over town. I'm not heartbroken as there was nothing valuable in my wallet, but it's just such a pain in the butt! I had my purse stolen not quite two years ago and I was hoping something like this would never happen again. I'm grateful it was just my wallet and not my whole purse. I had no cash and nothing that cannot be replaced. I am taking the morning off tomorrow to go take care of everything and I hope to squeeze in a few minutes just for me at maybe Target picking out a new wallet.

I spent the evening at Bunco with my dearest friends...that really helped lift my spirits. I was able to score Moki's gift - pictured here. Also included in the box was some awesome Japanese stationery, and a CUTE PEGGY! I'm so excited to have one of my own - she's a little school girl in a plaid skirt. I love her already and I have named her Madeline. She will be going to work with me tomorrow to sit on my desk watching me work all day. And Moki included the breakfast of champions - a Butterfinger and a Pepsi which fit in with our back to school theme as that's what she ate everyday for breakfast her senior year of high school. The pencil bag is gorgeous! It might go in my purse to hold....I'm not sure what yet but it will have to go with me:)

Man I'm chatty tonight:):):) I have several more swaps to photograph and I finished my $99 Thrift Challenge from here so I will be posting those pics as well. My desk is starting to pile up with stuff that needs to be pictured and put away...Hubby is giving me the evil eye everytime he looks at my side of the desk. And I am so itching to lots to do in the next few days. So until tomorrow....good night!

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moki said...

FOr someone so chatty on their blog you sure can be tight lipped in person...or maybe I just have a big mouth and say anything that comes inot my brain! LOL
I'm sorry about your wallet, that REALLY sucks!
As for turning pictures right side up. you've got to do it in your original program and save them that way :)