Sunday, May 04, 2008

What a day!!!

Here's a post that I wrote Friday at work:

Today has been one of those days. My nose won’t quit running and it’s absolutely raw from blowing it so much. I took a cold pill before bed last night, and some allergy medicine this morning and nothing seems to help. I’ve felt like I’ve been in a fog all day. YUCK! And work has dragged on and on. I have no incentive to start any projects so that is making the day go by really slowly. I’m teaching at a CLE (certified legal education) seminar next month so I’ve been working on my outline a little bit today. My two topics are Discovery and Trial Preparation. I’m so glad it is Friday though. Miss S has girl scouts tonight so I’ll have an hour to myself:) Then tomorrow I’m going for a massage. I have a gift certificate that expires next week so I finally made myself an appointment:) Then probably a quick trip to Build a Bear and lunch with a friend and her kiddos. I hope to start on my dress for the wedding tomorrow too. Oh and clean the house, and do laundry, and finally unpack all my thrifted goodies from the car.

So I'll pick up where that left off:

Saturday I spent all morning in bed until about 11am trying to rest so I could get rid of this darn cold, then went to Build a Bear and lunch with my friend, Carla and her kiddos. I had found a chocolate teddy bear from Build a Bear at the thrift store so Miss S picked out an outfit for her. Then I had a nice half-hour massage. That was SO nice. I felt a little bit better, but still kind of crappy.

Church was awesome today....some awesome testimonies were shared. We have a new elder in the ward from Western Samoa and he bore his testimony - that was really cool to hear.
I helped Carla fix her serger and no sooner had I gotten home that I got a call from my brother Shay that he was in the hospital!! He was bit by one of their cats pretty badly on Friday and it was infected. He went to the ER last night and they admitted him and he is most likely there until Monday!!!! My dear neighbor, Jon, came to the hospital with a friend to give Shay a blessing and then I hung out with him for a little while to keep him company. Then I went and got him Panda Express for dinner - the ER he is at does not have a cafeteria so they only have frozen meals - not too fun:) Panda was much better.

So after all that I only got to unpack one bag from the car and did not even start on my dress. I hope I can find time this week to get it made before the wedding:) I do have a backup dress just in case that doesn't happen though.

So after you made it through all that - here's some pictures for you:)

A whole batch of new Creative Memories goodies - the circle, oval and shapes cutting templates and cutting board - .99 each! I found a few other cool CM goodies that are still in the car.

Sorry - I'm too tired to load this to flickr to turn it upright. I had a bunch of these when I was a kid that my dad brought home from work. They are stamped on the bottom "Federal supply service" - it's probably illegal for me to have this! But at $1.99 I couldn't resist having another one and remembering all the cool things I used to write in them as a kid. In one I had a list of every Star Trek episode (the original series) and I checked off the episodes as I watched them. I also had a list of every Oscar winning movie and a list of every movie Bud Cort had been in. I also checked those off as I saw them. I bet I have that book somewhere still - I should try to find it.

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LauraJ said...

Good morning! I do hope this week is much better for you and you start feeling better really soon! big hugs~LauraJ