Saturday, May 10, 2008

Birthday Wishes

See that handsome fellow on the right?? He's celebrating his 36th birthday today!!! He's a little thinner, and has a little less hair, but is just as handsome as ever!! (I think this picture is from 2003 or 2004) We're celebrating by going out to breakfast. Miss S will spend the evening with friends while we go the wedding of one of Hubby's best friends and an adults only reception:) I can't will be a wonderful evening.


I AM VERY MARY said...

I simply cannot get over how much S favors her daddy. Wow - no guessing where that girl came from! What a beautiful family!

LauraJ said...

Beautiful family!
Happy Birthday!
Happy Mother's day!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday DH.
We can see who Miss S looks like.
Gosh spitting image of her Dad.
Happy Mother's Day to you too.