Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Want It Wednesday

To all my sweet thrift loving bloggy buddies - I want this book SO BAD!! If you come across it at the thrift store please let me know!

PS I wrote this post on Wednesday - hence the title and just realized that it never published. So that's why I'm posting my Want it Wednesday on Friday:)


Tami said...

I didn't realize that they had published a cook book based on the books. Those were my favorite books to read when I was a little girl. Funny enough just when I started reading them in the first grade, they premiered the television series. I was an extremely happy little girl. Also the library in Pomona, CA has an entire section devoted to the books (or at least they used to 20 years ago). I'm sure that they've since replaced it with some nonsense about Hannah Montana or something. :-)

I'll keep my eyes peeled for the cookbook whenever I venture out to the thrift stores. Have a happy weekend!

Jan said...

One is on the way. I have your address from One World give away.