Thursday, October 11, 2007

A Quick Funny

I've been catching up on a few blogs instead of heading to bed:) I don't know why I do that...I have tons of work to do tomorrow and I will probably be at a hearing all afternoon so I really should be in bed getting some rest.

A couple of the blogs I was reading posted different "funnies" that their children have done or said lately and I was reminded of a hilarious story about Miss S and show and tell at her last daycare center. Miss S had chosen one of her little purses for show and tell. When Hubby picked her up that day, her teacher called him aside and shared that there was a little "something" in Miss S's purse and THAT is what she had brought for show and tell, not the purse itself.

Hubby about died of embarassment because the "something" was his talking Homer Simpson beer opener. When you press the metal part Homer says "MMMM Beer" and "Chug, chug, chug" and various other beer related phrases. Miss S demonstrated each saying for the class during her show and tell turn. Hubby refused to go to the daycare for at least a week!

Years later she is still fascinated by this little gadget and I generally find it stashed in her room when we are cleaning. Now Hubby and I are both a little wiser and we always check what Miss S had inside her purse when she leaves the house.


monique(moki) said...

ha! Wouldn't that have been even funnier if it were church!? maybe not ;)

LauraJ said...

that IS funny!!

Tola said...

at least it wasnt a condom

Rebecca said...

LOl! My husband has that, too, and it often gets stuck on something in teh drawer and won't stop going!