Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Yes I know...

I did say I was heading to bed...but the house is so peaceful and quiet that it's nice to have this little time to myself.

I'm participating in the SIS Secret Santa Swap and look at this fabulous message I got from my Secret Sister...

"Hi Raesha in Albuquerque!! I got your list! And lucky for me (& YOU!)--I've got your blog addy too, so maybe you can post a bit about what *inspires* you?? merry merry holidays! your secret santa."

So for my very cool Secret Sister:

Things that inspire me (in no particular order)
vintage sheet music
vintage greeting cards
pretty much anything vintage
other people's creations
music - especially the Beatles and Jimmy Buffett (what a combination!)
scriptures (I use the King James Version)
Japanese craft books
acrylic stamps (alphabets and solid stamps)
children's books

Look how fancy I got there centering my list!!

And blogger is cooperating for just a minute so here's the atcs I received from Amy's swap:

Such a cool variety and Amy's swap are always filled with the most talented crafters!!

And here's what I sent...the little BOO pulls out of a pocket I made on the front with the quote.
Certainly not as fantastic as the atcs I received, but I hope the recipients liked them.


Rebecca said...

I love your ATCs! So cute. And what a fun swap, secret santas!

You won my Goodness giveaway. :) I'll be sending out a package next week. Just some random things I hope you will enjoy.


Roxanne said...

Very cute ATC's, but I really love your Boo cards! What a cute idea!

Mary Ann said...

Wow, that felt skull ATC is amazing!

elasticwaistbandlady said...

We use to have this couple across the street that my mom said were into swapping....

No. This swap stuff is much better.

kami said...

They're all so adorable! I love the skulls and the owl. :)