Saturday, November 10, 2007


First, let me apologize to Micol for taking so long to post about the FABULOUS package she sent me!!

I participated in the latest round of Sweetpea swaps hosted by Green Bean Baby - this one was round #7 and the theme was "Something Old, Something New"... I think Micol and I are sisters separated at birth becuase we have so much in common and our tastes are so similar:)

First - all the delicious sweet treats. The Swedish fish are almost gone:)

A beautiful mix of old and new fabrics - I can't to sew with all these!

And even more goodies - Micol made me some awesome soap, crocheted potholder, a cool skinny purple scarf, woven purple squares and the coolest little bag (with polka dots!). She also included a specially made atc and atc blanks (which I've already used all up!!!), a vintage pattern (just about the right size for Miss S) a cool stack of stickers, and she hand dyed some purple yarn for me! This is the first hand dyed yarn I've ever owned!!! I'll have to find something perfect to make from it. And see that little pin on the polka dot bag? That's Micol's logo - SO cool!!!

Thank you for such a wonderful package!! I love it all....and I really love the scarf - I've already worn it to work:)


RecycleMicol said...

I'm so glad you liked everything! It looks like the scarf lost all of it's blocking en route! I WAS flat! Oh well...I figure you can maybe crochet a border around it or something if you so wish.

The woven squares can become just about anything...cute Christmas Tussie Mussies, coasters, sachets...or sew them together for a larger project!

Later 'Sis'!

RecycleMicol said...

Oh...I forgot. The hand-dyed also my own handspun yarn spun on my spinning wheel. Sometimes it's hard to tell. So...enjoy!

Post pics to the Sweetpea Swap Flickr group when you can!