Sunday, November 11, 2007

Lazy Sunday???

Hmm...let's see - what did I do today?

1. Went to church
2. did the dishes
3. vacummed the whole house
4. did two load of laundry
5. finished a little makeup bag - started two more
6. made an apron for a Christmas present
7. hemmed a pair of jeans for a coworker
8. made a patchwork baby blanket for a coworker (my first "real" commission piece:))
9. went to dinner with Hubby and Miss S
10. Seriously checked my email 8 times
11. Seriously checked flickr 8 times
12. Tried to catch up on a few of the 1200+ posts I am behind on in bloglines
13. Texted with my fabulous brother, Ian, for about an hour
14. took the vacuum to my brother, Shay's, house for them to borrow
15. put away the Halloween decorations
16. put up a couple Turkey day decorations
17. finally finished my garland for this month's Sweet Goodness Swap package
18. packed up two swap packages
19. Thought about folding the clean clothes
20. Fed the dogs
21. Ordered a pair of shoes from Nordstroms for Miss S for Christmas - Kenneth Cole's wedge sandals on sale for $16.90 plus $5 shipping - I had a $20 rewards certificate so I paid a total of $1.90 for the shoes:)

I am pooped.


rohanknitter said...

Good grief! That would be enough for a month of sundays!!

Lucy said...

You did more yesterday than I have done all month!! Seriously! I better get off this computer and accomplish something! :)

carrster said...

You are PRODUCTIVE!! Nice work.

ian t said...

I think it's awesome you referred to me as your "fabulous" brother, as I'd be willing to bet I'm your only brother who actually uses the word "fabulous" every day :]

ian t said...

Oh and also, LAY OFF THE DRUGS, SIS, you're making me feel terribly unproductive!