Friday, November 30, 2007

For My SISTV Secret Santa (or Catch Up Post #2)

OOHH....I am getting SO excited!! As I've mentioned before I'm particpating in the SISTV secret santa swap....I SO highly recommend this site if you are a scrapbooker - it is awesome:) And one of my dearest friends is on the design team (GO Kerry Lynn!!)

So my secret santa sent me this secret message:

Anonymous said...

Hey Raesha, You are the most voracious crafter--my wheels are turning...a couple more questions for you: tell me more about what kind of patterns you like on your fabrics. Also, can you post a pic of your craft space on your blog so I can see how you work? And are you a tea/coffee/cocoa drinker? Santa is fine-tuning your list! But I certainly don't expect you to wait till Christmas--tear it open, if you must!!

Dear Secret Santa:

Thank you for the lovely compliment:) I'm looking forward to crafting my heart out this weekend:):) I love polka dots, paisley, patriotic, vintage feedsack and any other vintage reproductions on my fabric:):) You totally do not want to see my crafting space right now but I promise in the morning I will take some pictures and post them:) It looks like Hurricane Helga ripped through my desk. I love herbal tea and hot chocolate drinker - I don't do coffee (but hubby loves it:)) I hope that I can wait to open it until Christmas cause I think it will be such an awesome surprise under the tree:)

Love - Raesha

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