Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Little by Little

Here's a peek at some pics from Vegas - I took over 100 pictures!

I'm still so tired I can barely keep my eyes open. Part of it might be my temporary fall of the wagon - I drank Dr. Pepper like it was going out of style all weekend! But it kept me awake and alert during my long drive there and back:)

I have so much catching up to do....but I will eventually post about the awesome swaps I've received lately, Christmas crafts that I'm working on, and I promise to get caught up on your blogs and get back to commenting!! I'm thinking about spending a lunch or two a week at the library getting caught up on my blogs - there's one just a few blocks from the office. I'll have to check it out. Today at lunch I worked on Christmas cards - I'm making about half and using store bought for about half. With a card list of over 100 there is no way I can make them all.

I'm taking it little by little...each night I'm doing a few things and I hope to be caught up sometime next week:)


Mary Ann said...

If it wasn't for the whole men can't give birth thing, I would swear that Miss S came directly from your husband's body without any intervention from you. Good grief she is her father's daughter! And the cutest little pumpkin ever!

ian t said...

I need your Vegas pictures! I promise to get mine up on flickr this week if you'll do the same!