Monday, November 12, 2007

More Veteran's Day Love

I was rereading a post I did last year for Veteran's Day and I wanted to mention these awesome men again. And because my sis and I were talking about the servicemember's in our family on my drive home from work today

Happy Veteran's Day to:

Ray Terry - Air Force, Vietnam - my dad
Grandpa Terry - Navy, Korea - my paternal grandfather
Grandpa Holguin - Navy, WWII - Hubby's maternal grandfather
Opa de Ruiter Zylker - Air Force, WWII - Hubby's paternal grandfather
Michael Linderman - Marines, Gulf War (KIA) - my dear friend from high school
Rick Hughes - Navy, Guantanamo Bay - my brother in law
Ian Terry - Army, Iraq - my brother
Grandpa Berry - WWII, the Pacific - my maternal grandfather
Ron Becker - Navy, Vietnam - my stepdad

Mom - what branch of service was Grandpa Berry in??

I'll be back in a few days with pictures of my crafting frenzy from Sunday:)

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Rebecca said...

I'm sorry I'm late to read this. It's such a nice way to salute our Armed Forces friends! So here are mine:

Wes Boatwright - Grandpop - Merchant Marines, WWII

Daniel Kurek - Grandpop - Navy, WWII

William Kurek - Dad - Army, Vietnam

Sargeant Christina Morris - my dear friend - US Air Force Intelligence keeping us safe from Homestead, FL

Thanks for making me smile!