Saturday, November 17, 2007

Craft Love

I was so excited to win a couple giveaways this month from my fellow bloggers. These two packages both arrived today. First - some wonderful goodies from Rebecca at Thrifty Goodness for her 200th post giveaway - I love it all!! Vintage papergoods, table linens, ribbon, a copy of adorn and so much more! Thanks Rebecca!

And from Miss Stephanie I received a beautiful pin that she crocheted along with a prototype for an ornament swap she is participating in. Steph - I did that swap last year and it was awesome! I already put the pin on my coat and the ornament is hanging on my bulletin board until I get the Christmas tree out:) Thanks Stephanie!

I spent a good part of today hanging out with Moki, Nikki and Nikki's mom working on some Christmas crafts. Moki supplied all the supplies and a yummy lunch. It was so cool to see how our shadow boxes turned out - all 4 of us had very different results and it was fun to see our individual styles coming through in them:) I made my first peggy - we laughed that she looked like "Pat" (from SNL) until I added a bow to her hair - then she became Patricia:)

I have yet to take pictures of the sewing I have done this last week - everything is in the bedroom and Hubby is already asleep so I don't want to sneek in there. Plus the lighting's horrible since it is the middle of the night:)
Finally, I received an awesome package from my SIStv Secret Santa - oh my!! I seriously got a little teary eyed when I opened it - I'll take pics of that too tomorrow. AND Secret Santa - I normally sign my work "Raesha" :)


Stephanie said...

Pat and the shadowbox are beautiful! I am so glad you like the pin and ornament. :)

Lucy said...

Lucky you with all the goodies this week :) And you shadowbox from your craft play date came out great! Love it.

xoxo lucy

Christy said...

The shadowbox looks great Raesha!

I received my package of goodies from Rebecca too. Doesn't she sent the neatest stuff? I'll have to post a photo later.

happy zombie said...

I love your shadow box Raerae! Love the green too! I'm cracking up over Pat. And Patricia is adorable!

kami said...

How lucky to get 2 packages in one day! Fun! That is some great stuff, too. I've always loved the vintage game cards.

And I really love your shadow box! It's so adorable.

Rebecca said...

My gosh that shadowbox is gorgeous! Love it. :)

Glad you liked your Goodness package, I hope there are some things you can use. I laughed to see SPECIAL VALUE written on that ribbon LOL. That is one of many spools left over from making my wedding favors and oh yes, it's from the dollar ribbon bin. ;)