Monday, September 01, 2008

Paralegal's Day

So August 26th was the first ever Paralegal’s Day in the State of New Mexico. Governor Richardson signed a proclamation making August 26, 2008 Paralegal’s Day. I don’t know it is a one time thing or every year on August 26 will be Paralegal’s Day. Guess what the awesome attorneys I work for did for me and the other three paralegals? JACK SQUAT! According to them we were already recognized for our efforts on Administrative Professionals Day in April and they did not feel the need to recognize us again. Isn’t that just lovely. It’s so typical of my working environment. I told one of the other attorneys that it’s not about “doing stuff” for us, it’s a matter of letting us know we are appreciated and valued as employees.

So I did a little something for each paralegal - little certificates for each of them, proclaiming them each "Paralegal of the Year" and a packet of seeds for the gardener paralegal, chipboard shapes for the card making paralegal, and sunflower seeds for the sunflower loving paralegal. It cost me about 15 minutes of time and less than $2.00 but it made their day SO much brighter! Which, really, that was the whole point:) And it made my day brighter knowing that I made their day brighter.

I challenge you to do a little something for someone this week to make their day a little brighter:)


Anonymous said...

Well, Big Sis, I appreciate all you do for your employers. I know how hard it is to deal with some of them, and I recognize your efforts. I hope Paralegal's Day is EVERY year!
Lil Sis

LauraJ said...

I accept your challenge!!