Saturday, September 20, 2008

Family Night

Our good friend Paul called and invited us to do the Maize Maze with him and his daughter last night. We had so much fun!!! Paul bought glow sticks for all the kiddos. Good thing cause there was no other way we could have keep track of them in the dark maze.

Paul and Miss S

There were random sunflowers growing in the corn field - some were ginormous but too far away to take a good pic of in the dark.


Miss S and Paul's, daughter, another Miss S. Aren't they darling and holy cow, doesn't my Miss S look SO grown up?? When did that happen?



Jessica said...

I was just talking about going to a nighttime maize maze last night!

dawn said...

ooo, have I ever told you about my abnormal fear of corn mazes. I couldn't go in one in broad daylight.

Anonymous said...

what a hottie! your friend, that is!

Heather's Books said...

where is this? It sounds like a fun thing to do when the family is here for the baptisms.