Tuesday, September 02, 2008

I love....

25 Things I Love

I love the sound of Miss S’s laughter
I love jigsaw puzzles
I love my family
I love making things with my hands
I love organizing
I love the smell of fresh cut grass
I love flickr
I love puppies of all shapes and sizes
I love mice and lizards
I love The Beatles
I love talking on the phone with my friends
I love reading magazines
I love flying in airplanes
I love going to the movies
I love the colors green and purple
I love Dr. Pepper
I love sleeping in late
I love snuggling with my hubby
I love Jimmy Buffett
I love vintage linens
I love snow
I love my car
I love my i-pod
I love making lists
I love scrapbooking


LauraJ said...

I forgot to mention I love the Beatles too. I saw Across the Universe last week. LOVED IT!!!
I got your little surprise package today! Thank you so much!!

Chad said...

And I love you ;)

PamJorg said...

I love how you can think of all that you love

LaurenSmash said...

Hey! I am moving back to SF! I may go through Albuquerque, we should get some lunch or dinner!