Monday, September 01, 2008

Puttering Around

My weekend went a little like this...sewed and puttered around, crafted and puttered around, cleaned house and puttered around, watched seriously 7 episodes of CSI and puttered around, sliced the top of my thumb with an exacto knife and puttered around, took a break from crafting after the exacto knife incident and puttered around, did laundry and puttered around, went to Goodwill and McDonald's and puttered around.....ho hum. Not a very exciting weekend. I've been in a really mellow mood all weekend and it's been nice to just lounge around the house and do what I wanted to do. I finished a quilt for a friend's baby who is now 9 months old! I'd say that's a little overdue. I have a lovely picture to show you but my computer is not cooperating in loading photos right now.

Miss S has been sick so I stayed home with her on Friday too. Oh I forgot - we went on Saturday to see Kung Fu Panda and it was a darling movie! I want to go see Ironman today but it depends on what time Hubby gets home from work.

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